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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Just to say....

I would just like to say thankyou to everyone who attended the Catweazle weekend. Every year we are so happy and pleased to see all our friends return year after year to support the club and - more importantly - enjoy thierselves. We do have an amazing group of people and it is really heartening to hear all your happy comments. It does mean a lot to us and to hear that everyone wants to do it all again because they enjoyed it so much, is good for us to hear. Ideas are already being muted for next years event.
I must once again extend my thanks to Sue for her fantastic "silent auction" She has raised several hundred pounds for club funds which is an amazing feat. She also took the time (with the ever bubbly "Down Under" Debbie)to cook and sell Catweazle cakes which went down a storm. Graham did a fantastic job organising and taking members on a series one location tour. Mike was a relatively new member that took the bull by the horns and recreated Castle Saburac with Graham for us all at East Clandon. He also contributed several drawings and sketches for the silent auction - the majority of which were sold above their reserve. The work involved in this was massive and I am very grateful to him. The lovely Boozeweazle, once again prepared and sold his delicious "CatweazAle" by the bottle and raised another considerable amount of funds for us, so my thanks go to him. Vince did a stirling job taking people around Brickendonbury and showing them all the filming areas so thanks to him and indeed Tim who filmed the day and is now preparing the second location dvd "Finding Catweazle" series two. Thanks also go to Jeff who is always there to record the weekends events and indeed produce copies of these for members and therefore also contributing greatly to the funds and to peoples enjoyment and memories.
Lastly, I have to say thanks again to David for producing a website that Kip Carpenter was so impressed with, that he wants the film distributers to see it. It will put Catweazle on to another level and we want everyone to enjoy it and contribute to it if they wish.
So once again thats to all who helped and to all who attended.
May the magic stay with you brothers and sisters.

Re: Just to say....

......and a very big THANK YOU to you Carol for your tireless work in making the weekend (and this great club) such a success. You and Gary have assembled a great bunch of people to help stage these further thanks are due to Greyweazle for the myriad of things he gets involved'd be hard pressed to find a calmer, more helpful and friendly bloke......Boozeweazle for his good humour and of course, his booze ! Mayhap one day "Punkweazle" will hijack the music marquee at the Fete !!!.....Sue for all her involvement and devilishly brain boggling quiz questions.....David for the superb new website design.....I'm pleased if I can just "copy and paste" successfully !!......and everyone else who helps make these do's a success.....I'd also like to say how nice it was to spend time with such friendly likeminded people once this point I must thank all our German friends who were each at some point on Saturday inflicted with my rather limited German were all very kind and patient and all spoke better English than wot I do !!!
The BBQ was extremely yummy...can we go there again next year ?
Glad you all had a great time on Sunday...I was thinking of you all....our ponies were however very grateful I was here to see to their needs (and waistlines !) whilst their Mummy was out for the day.
I've rambled on enough I think....
p.s a google search on "Wild Palms"....I'm certain that is the TV show you've been wracking your brain about......also...the Ace of Wands episode with Brain Wilde is called "Peacock Pie"....well worth checking out.

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