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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Just wanted to drop a line to say how much we enjoyed our weekend with our Brothers and Sisters in Magic. Every year we say it will be our last because of the journey but we both really know we'll always go. We should have won the quiz though but Sue wouldn't tell us the answers, bloomin typical. Never mind, if we have a quiz next year, it will be triumph for The Saucy "Shut That Door" Sorcerers ! First time I've ever done a quiz in the dark but what a brilliant time was had by all. Craig, you brought the night to a fantastic close and I ended up whistling "Leaning on a Lampost" round York, I think a few locals thought I was taking the Mick.I'll get that photo of you and Geoffrey to you as soon as possible. Also wanted to mention Sue for her relentless harrassment of GW and that I have the bail money if he decides to approach the Police. You also let me learn to not park cars under foliage and that Cows can climb trees.

Sunday was beyond expectation and to see Brickendon in all it's glory was incredible. If someone had told me when I was a child that I would sit and speak to Geoffrey at the main entrance where the first episode of the second series was shot, I would have thought them insane.

How can you express your thanks to people who give you the opportunity to relive the magic of your childhood ? Carol/ Gary, I salute you and admire the work you put in and without you, our club would simply not exist.

We drove back to Scotland today and it's raining. Got some weird looks when I got out to refuel in Shorts and flip flops and everyone else was in raincoats.

Just wanted to also thank my mates, Graham, Debbie, Matthew, Sue, Craig, Uwe (your knowledge on British Film is incredible), Mike and Julia (it was a fix, give the Roses back), Kirk, Pete and David, Wendy, Joerg, Winni,......the list goes on but without you guys, it wouldn't have been the same. Also our beloved Geoffrey, Moray, Richard and Annie and of course Gary....

A lot of friends of mine just "don't get it" that we travel all that way but to me, it just makes it more special because we know what to expect and it makes our "wee" club that bit more exclusive. The only downside for me is the feeling of sadness thinking it will be a year till I see you all again but I can tell any new member who is thinking of attending, you are about to embark on something truly special....

Till next year......

Love and Peace

Jeff and Cathy xxx

Town/City Dunfermline

Country Scotland