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Magical Members Weekend

Greetings All,

What a Weekend we have be graced with, there are so many people to Thank! but this year out of all the Weekends We have done must go to ALL the Members who really made the Weekend.

Carol and I have always said this is Your Fan Club and this Year You All made it Your Fan Club! and that is why it was so Magical,so All I can say is a Big Thanks You for being You and being part of a most Fantastic and Magical Fan Club.

Take Care and Keep Well.


Town/City Blackburn

Country England

Re: Magical Members Weekend

As you said Gary what a magical week-end, it was great you could make it down, anyway where do we start, friday night got off to a damp start and it was touch and go wether we would be able to get everything up and ready at the farm for saturday,but we took a chance we were not going to let a little "WATER" spoil our magic, then saturday arrived a little dull to start but some of us sported shorts and just as well, out came the current bun.

A big thank-you to you Mike for helping with Castle Saburac and with the location tour, I was pleasantly suprised on how many turned up thanks everyone I sincerly hope everyone enjoyed themselves, sorry if one or two got a little lost, it was great to see the younger generation entering into the spirit of Catweazle, weldone to the girls who won the Catweazle wordserch.

Then down to Hexwood, welldone to Carol and Gary for the new Gazzebo with the magical printing and annimation, and to David Wiseman who has done a stirling job on the new web site.

For those members and our guests from overseas staying at the Bookham Grange Hotel, what a fantastic evening and bbq, even if you had to finish the quiz with the aid of fire sticks. you did a grand job Sue I know how much planning goes into a quiz.

Sunday arrived even hotter, the spirits of the brazen vessel were kind to us, so off everyone went to home second magical place Kings Farthing, after a lovely lunch we were all able to meet this years special guest Garry Warren, this has been all down to Sue who has worked tirelesly over the past year to track him down and persuade him to join us,Thanks to Moray Watson a super gent for comming back, and To Richard and Annie Carpenter, wait for it!! wait for it!! and to our wonderful star Geoffrey, what a man he is, still there for all us fans a big Thak-you and a large KISS from us all.A big thank-you to all who took part in this years Silent Auction I hope everyone went away with what they bid on, we must not forget the Balloon how wonderful was that back in the same spot as when it was filmed in the second series. Well I am not going to rattle on anymore a big thank-you to anyone I have forgoten to mention I am sure every has ther own special memories see you all next year xx

Town/City Southampton

Country UK

Re: Magical Members Weekend

Sorry I also meant to mention Elspet who unfortunately is feeling unwell and also to pass on our thoughts to her husband, it was a great shame she was unable to join us, hope your soon feeling better Elspet.

Town/City Southampton

Country uk