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Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Carol has mentioned several times that people without transport wishing to go to Brickendon from Bookham on Sunday must try and make their own way as a lift cannot be guaranteed.
As she says, it is a bit of a trek but can be done if people are determined to go.

I've taken the liberty of finding out train times on Sunday morning from Bookham. The journey takes 2hours 40 mins all in and at a cost of £14.80 per person one way.

Trains leave Bookham at 40 mins past the hour and you change at Vauxhall 45 mins later. From there get a tube train to Seven Sisters station and trains leave for Hertford East at 34 mins past the hour.

At the moment I do not know how far it is from Hertford East to Brickendon itself but I will try and find out for you.

I hope as many of you as possible can make it for the whole weekend. It really will be somethign special this year.

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

hi sue, thanks for finding out ino with trains, i hope to get a lift to brickendon but if i cannot then i will not go as i got long train journey later that day, see you soon sue xx

Town/City marlow, bucks

Country england

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Some members have very kindly said that they may have some seats available, when they booked their tickets. So we will give the first people who have booked tickets the chance to take these spaces up. Nigel and Friedhelm have booked early so I do hope that we can help you out. The later people leave it the less chance of a lift there will be. As Sue and Graham have stated, it is very difficult to organise travel for people as the cost of doing so and the logistics of picking people up from various destinations is practically impossible. If we had the money to hire coaches AND more importantly knew in advance that we had enough members coming to FILL them, then we would be happy to arrange it. Mayhap in the future we will be able to do it for you all.

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Sue your recent wk-end in Brickendon, some of the fans visited The Farmers Boy pub and some how picked up keys belonging to van,lorry,etc on keyring ! Is it possible to find the whereabouts of those keys now, I Would appreciate your help very much. Suzanne Coupland

Town/City Harlow

Country Essex

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Hi Suzanne,
Yes, I have them!!
They must have been on the bar with mine as when I left the pub, I found them with mine in my pocket. I asked the chaps in and around the bar if he knew whether they were someone's who had been there before me and he said he didn't think so. So I assumed they must have been someones from the club. No one claimed them so I phoned the number on the key fob, and that didn't lead me anywhere.If you would like to tell Sue your address or email me at I will be more than happy to post them to you.

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Great news regarding lost keys !I would appreciate very much if you could return to me at the address below SUZANNE COUPLAND 19 MILWARDS HARLOW ESSEX CM19 4SG MANY MANY THANKS SUZIE X

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Hello Suzanne,
The keys are on their way to you. Glad you will be re-united!

Re: Travelling to Brickendon from Bookham

Halo Carol
Lost Keys arrived safely,so very grateful for your quick responce.Enjoy your wk-end.
Thanks again Suzie x