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Tickets for the fete

Hello everybody,
I would like to ask you if I could buy the tickets for the weekend in June - unfortunately, I can´t get a UK stamp here to put in the envelope and even at the post office they hesitated about how and which international answering coupon should be used. May I pay by bank transfer and collect the tickets at the venue in June? I will be travelling on my own, so I would need just one ticket (or two for both Saturday and Sunday).
And since this will be my first trip to England ever, I would like to double-check that Luton Airport is the best place to arrive?
Many thanks for your advice. I´m so thrilled about the whole event.
All the best for now.

Town/City Doksy

Country The Czech Republic

Re: Tickets for the fete

Hi Daniel

I would imagine that perhaps Carol will answer you regarding the ticket although you can probably pay through Paypal and then e mail across your form.

Not really an expert on airports but I would have thought Gatwick was a lot nearer for you this end?


Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Tickets for the fete


Thank you, I will write to Carol. Maybe Gatwick is really more convenient. I will ask anyway, deciding only according to the map might be misleading :-)



Town/City Doksy

Country The Czech Republic