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Mr Bennet's Land Rover

Hello all,

I did a search today to see if the Bennett's Land Rover is still registered, and it appears it still is!

Not bad for a vehicle first bought in 1958! I am wondering if anyone in the club has any contacts in the world of Land Rovers who might be able to track this one down? Given the many discoveries the club has made, this would be a nice one to bring home to Hexwood. I think I'd make an offer for it if it was for sale.

Love to all

Si x

Re: Mr Bennet's Land Rover

I asked my daughter about this as she works for a big car insurance company. She said they have no need to use the service but you could try this:-

They will charge £2.50 to provide information so not expensive.

Or this:

I know what when selling/buying a car there is a web site or facility you can use to find out the vehicle's history such as whether there is credit owed on it etc but I can't remember what it is. It was advertised a year or so ago on how to use it but again it entailed a fee.

I'll keep looking as well.

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Mr Bennet's Land Rover

It would certainly be another wonderful discovery. Philip (Sage) - I have a feeling you know about this vehicle don't you? I know you are a whizz with regard cars etc. and that it was you who helped us with the "photographer's sports car" So if you spot this do get back in touch.

Re: Mr Bennet's Land Rover

I mentioned this a while ago in this post: The Original Triumph TR6. I've been keeping an eye open for it since. As noted, unfortunately there's no sign of Sam's "old banger".


Re: Mr Bennett's Land Rover

Gosh yes Ian , you were certainly first on the case. I am going to see if there's a UK Land Rover's association around. They might be able to help

Regards to all

Re: Mr Bennett's Land Rover

Just watched some Catweazle with the grandkids and was intrigued to see the Land Rover UFK 225 - it was an early series 2 1958. I made some enquiries and it was last MOT'd 2013. I think , it doesnt need an MOT anymore ? so could still be on the road somwhere. I've made some more enquiries from the Land Rover Series 2 Club to see whether anyone has it.



Town/City Molesworth

Country Australia

Re: Mr Bennett's Land Rover

Yes it no longer needs an MOT but according to the DVLA website it's taxed up to 1st May 2016, so still road legal!

TAX: Tax due: 01 May 2016
MOT: Exempt

Vehicle details:
Vehicle make LAND ROVER
Date of first registration 01 September 1958
Year of manufacture 1958
Cylinder capacity (cc) 2286cc
Fuel type PETROL
Vehicle status Tax not due
Vehicle colour BRONZE


Re: Mr Bennett's Land Rover

Nice to see it is still up and running. I did go down the road with trying to locate it some years back, but nobody in Land Rover land (clubs and associations) could help. The DVLA were of little help - other than it was originally registered in the Guildford area (which seems about right)

Perhaps another approach to the DVLA might be in order - if only to forward on an enquiry - which hardly compromises anyone's privacy.

best wishes

Simon x

Town/City Forest Row

Country United Kingdom

Re: Mr Bennett's Land Rover

It shows up as insured.