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Gary Warren

I've yet to put my take on the weekend on the forum but for now just enjoying the last day of my holiday before getting back to the normality of work after a fantastic weekend.

For those people who did not attend Brickendon yesterday, it was revealed I have heard from Gary Warren via e mail after months of searching and writing letters.
I have replied to him and asked if he would like to be involved in the club in the future as we would love to see him in Brickendon sometime.

I took a small video of Geoffrey sending him a personal message and I will be e mailing that to him along with some photos of the weekend so let's see if that does the trick.

We can but hope.

Hope everyone is back home safely.


Town/City Fareham

Country England

Re: Gary Warren

Dear Sue,

Great news to hear that Gary Warren maybe will attend the next years fete. If you have his address, could you not send him the excellent Hexwood 2009 DVD (40th anniversary) created by Jeff and Enid. When does watch the DVD, I am convinced he can't wait to attend next years Fete.

See you at Hexwood 2011.

Best regards,

Hans Verstegen
The Netherlands

Town/City Kessel

Country The Netherlands

Re: Gary Warren

Hello Hans

I think there are several people including Geoffrey, who would love to see Gary again but all we can do is hope.
I hope to send the video message by Monday as that is his birthday. The fact he is abroad, may mean he doesn't check his e mails very regularly and I do not know when he is back in the country.

I do have an address but we are not 100% sure that that is where he is. I'm sure he'd love to see the dvd. Only time will tell.

Just keep our collective fingers crossed.

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Gary Warren

Well done for tracking him down. I'll keep my fingers crossed here too.

Town/City Melbourne

Country Australia

Re: Gary Warren

Just to keep everyone up to speed on this.
I have been in contact on and off with Gary and sent him some photos from this years visit to Brickendon and the video from Geoffrey.
He is back abroad after a brief visit back over here in July but has said he will be trying his hardest to come along to next year's weekend.
He will keep in contact with me regarding this and I am hoping he will meet up with Geoffrey in the meantime.

A collective crossing of fingers would be nice from all members

Town/City Fareham

Re: Gary Warren

Brilliant Sue, you deserve a pat on the back for your relentless stalking ! Well done you and my fingers are crossed.


Town/City Dunfermline

Country Scotland

Re: Gary Warren

Well done Sue - I'm sure your persistence will pay off! Got my fingers AND toes crossed - a bit awkward but if it gets Gary over to Hexwood next year, it's worth the discomfort! Thanks again.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Gary Warren

Hello, dear Members of Magic

Gary Warren is still interested in "Catweazle", this showed already his condolences on the internet after Robin´s passing ...

and around that time I discovered that he must have been interviewed by Danny Baker on his BBC London radio programme on the 21st October 2009 about his acting career. Several audio clips from "The Railway Children" were included.

Has anyone got a copy/recording of this interview ?

would be interested in listening to this - please mail me back private on if you have a copy or can get one. Thanks.

I also had contacted Gary some time ago, but got no answer yet ... but it seems this concerted drive makes an impact and especially your instistency, Sue, seems to work on him ... my forecast: 2011 he will be with us in Hexwood. It is and will be the right time for a reunion.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Much Magic to you all


Town/City Regensburg

Country Germany

Re: Gary Warren

Just to let members know that I have in fact today spoken with Gary.

He was very lovely and charming and we had a very nice chat.

I will be posting something of interest for you possibly next week so keep watching.

Be patient

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Gary Warren

Hello, Sue ...

to follow up this: keep watching ... I keep watching the lovely shot of Geoffrey and Gary in the recent newsletter, what a wonderful reunion you brought about after almost 40 years ...! Magic !

Gary looks friendly and I hope you all who are able to keep listening today to his interview on BBC radio and call in ... Gary seems to be a very natural character and I am sure, everything will work :. )

Best regards


Town/City Regensburg

Country Germany