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Lifelong memories of Hexwood

Where do we start......ah, at the beginning !

8 hours spent driving from Dunfermline filled with traffic jams in extreme heat. Accidents all over the place especially on the M25, went to wind down my window and it broke. Thank God for air conditioning !
At one point thought it may be our last visit to Hexwood based on the duration of the journey but how wrong was I to be !

It just took me to drive passed the "Hairdressers" on the way to the B&B to realise it was completely worth every mile. Met with Sue and Jorg and it felt like I had seen them only a few days before although it was a year. Had a few drinks and retired for the evening to wake up and find Carol chatting to Sue. I have no idea where Carol gets the exceptional energy for our Club but God Bless her, we love her dearly and it would fall apart without her.

We met at The Queens Head and began the Treasure Hunt following instruction from Carol. We left first in Matthew's car and it became apparent very quickly we wanted to win. A near collision followed but Matthew kept the pace as we searched vigoursly for the clues. Sue caught a Pigeon and I ripped a feather off it (only kidding). We started to fall behind and a sense of tiredness crept in as we sped of to each location. At one point I started to weep at Matt's increased confidence in speed but Jorg slapped my face and brought me back to reality. We collected all the information necessary and returned to The Queens Head covered in blood,bandages and nettle stings. Had lunch and made our way to the grassy car park across from Hexwood. Walked, nay jogged, to the entrance of our beloved Hexwood. Sun shining, I felt 5 years old as I eagerly paid my pound entry fee and went and bought a Pimms. Can't believe the chap didn't stop me for underage drinking ! Straight to the Catweazle tent and bumped into a lot of recogniseable faces. Further excitement ensued as we purchased a couple of signed pictures (beautiful and about to go on my office wall), tshirt, bookmark, and a lovely keyring carved from the "tree". I would also like to say that the DVD of last years Hexwood and Vince's excellent coverage and interviews is very worthwhile and we have already watched it twice. A lot of recogniseable faces, me included but I need to diet.However, Cathy has informed me that the camera puts 4 stone on you.

It was great catching up with Alan, Grey and Wendy Weazle although there never seems to be enough time to talk about everything. Gary was missing due to health and I wish him a speedy recovery. Also missed Pete as I wanted to discuss Jethro Tull but maybe next year !

Geoffrey arrived and I don't suppose I can say anything else that has never been added before other than he is a remarkable human being, willing to spend time with everyone, and I treasure every second I spend speaking to him.

As Tim pointed out in his post, the planting of the tree was very moving along with Carol and Geoffrey's speeches (I won't dwell on this as it was extremely sad) and I too am glad I was wearing my sunglasses. I don't know if anybody else noticed but as that tree was planted, the church bells chimed and those bells, I believe, were for our Dear Robin.

The BBQ was fantastic with wonderful stories from Paul and Geoffrey and to cap it all, we won the Treasure Hunt ( if that had not been the case, I fear violence may have encroached within our team). As Cathy and I received two beautiful pens, we decided to give one away to a beautiful little girl who sat behind us. Her eyes lit up and it made the day even more worthwhile.

Cathy and I couldn't make the second day as the journey that would have followed would have been too much.

I know there are many silent members in this Club but I would urge you to go and meet like minded individuals who maybe never grew up. I would promise you this, you would thank me later.

I know this may sound silly but everytime we leave Hexwood, a little bit of our soul remains there and I count the sleeps (363) until we return and I hug my Brothers and Sisters in Magic !

God Bless you all

Jeff and Cathy xxx

Town/City Dunfermline, Scotland

Country UK

Re: Lifelong memories of Hexwood

Hi Jeff and Cathy, and all weazlers everywhere! It's difficult to put into words all that I'm feeling right now about the weekend - I'm still at the stage where if I close my eyes, I'd not be surprised to find myself back in my favourite field with the Catweazle marquee and everyone milling around catching up with their stories over the past year and admiring all the wonderful merchandise and photographs etc., especially after having watched the wonderful "Searching for Catweazle". Great job, Vince!

The shields and pictures painted by Graham and his friend are truly marvellous and it's just amazing how much time,effort and talent has gone into them. The pictures of the toads were terrific and must have caused many a laugh!

Rather than witter on for pages and bore everyone rigid, I will just mention the highlights of the weekend for me, apart from meeting up with all my great friends again. Probably the most important of all was the planting of the beautiful tree in memory of our dear Robin, which was a most moving occasion especially with the speeches from Geoffrey and Carol. I'll keep thinking of that tree throughout the year, and look forward to seeing how it has grown and flourished when we next see it. What a fitting memorial for a kind and lovely man.

The visit to Brickendon has to be another highlight, even better than in 2007 as this time our beloved Geoffrey was able to join us. His account of his brother's time there during the war was fascinating, and Geoffrey's obvious happiness at revisiting the building after many years was heartwarming. He gave so much of himself on both days (as he always does), posing for photos and chatting with his friends and admirers - that lovely smile of his would surely cheer anyone up. Thanks Geoffrey - you have our warmest love and gratitude for just being there among us, and I'm sure your memories of the weekend will be as happy as ours.

On a personal note, I have had so much love and thoughtfulness shown to me during the visit, which has been deeply appreciated. That's the real essence of this wonderful club, and what keeps it going. As for you Carol, you're an absolute **** marvel and I just don't know how you manage to pull off these fantastic events year after year. My congratulations go to all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes all the time, in whatever capacity it may be.

Right then, that's yer lot!

Best wishes to you all, and hope to see lots of you there next year.


Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England