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Hexwood 2010

May I be the first to thank Carol for a truely outstanding speech on Saturady. I'm sure that everyone present would have agreed with the wonderful and moving words she used to describe our sad loss. That was a very brave speech Carol, it shows what a great, strong character you are.

Geoffrey made his love for Robin utterly clear, as he uttered his moving words and dug the first sod of earth. I must admit, I was starting to well up at that point. Thank God for sunglasses! In June 2011, we will all see how that tree has grown, just as our fond memories of Robin would also have grown.

Tim Merritt

Town/City Godalming, Surrey

Country England

Re: Hexwood 2010

I was with you all (in sprit)


Town/City London

Re: Hexwood 2010

Thanks Carol for another wonderful, moving and heartening Catweazle weekend among lovely people. Where did you book the sunshine from? The Scavenging Hunt was brilliantly organised, where else would you find a fan club searching an old cemetery looking for used bus tickets? Thanks Geoffrey and Richard for turning up again, we are so lucky. Once again the Memory Lives On.

Town/City Westc;liff-on-Sea

Country England

Re: Hexwood 2010

We would also like to say a big thank you to Carol and everyone involved for such a wonderful weekend. Being new members, it was our first visits to Hexwood and Kings Farthing. We were so touched with the warmth, affection and acceptance of everyone we met. The weekend will live long in our memories!

Re: Hexwood 2010

Ah, what a pity I could not be with you, but I completely missed the dates for the event! It would have been lovely to return to Hexwood after - how many? Four years or so? Tempus Fugit!

I hope everybody enjoyed the meeting, and that Geoffrey and the Carpenters are well, and that I can be with you the next time you all gather together. ^^


P.S.: Sorry for not adding my membership number. No idea at the moment where I put it!

Town/City Frankfurt am Main

Country Germany

Re: Hexwood 2010

A BIG "Thank You" to Carol Gary and their team for making Hexwood such an enjoyable memorable and moving experience. It was my 4th visit to Home Park but the thrill of being there hasn't diminished one jot.....10 years old again for the afternoon ! It was great to meet up with old friends and make some new ones along the way.
Thanks also to Geoffrey for being his usual wonderful self and for his heartfelt words at the tree planting ceremony.
It was also a pleasure to have a chat and a photo with Terry Mountain....especially as he was also in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" which was the first Bond film I was taken to see on its initial release. Thank you for your time Terry.
I wish I could have stayed longer at the BBQ to watch an episode and listen to Vince, and also gone with you all to "Kings Farthing"...hope you all had a great time...perhaps next year I'll have to make a weekend of it. The day was capped off for me with the sight and sound of a Spitfire and Me109 flying overhead whilst at the BBQ......knowing Carols organisational capabilities perhaps she'd had a word with them !!!
Finally I must recommend the "Searching for Catweazle" dvd which is brilliant....well done Vince and Tim.
Warmest Regards and Salmay Dalmay Adonays to you all.

Town/City Edge of Exmoor

Country England

Re: Hexwood 2010

What a fantastic week-end I realy cannot add to what has already been said,just to say a big thank-you to Carol, and three cheers for Geoffrey your truly Magic, and also meeting up with good friends again.

Town/City Southampton

Country United Kingdom

Re: Hexwood 2010

Hi kirk nice to hear from you, hope you are keeping well. Alice said to say hi.