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Absent Members

It is hoped that as many members will be joining us this year either at Hexwood or Brickendon or both but many of you, for different reasons, may not be able to.
Therefore,Debbie from Australia and myself have come up with an idea that we hope will work and for those who cannot be with us in body, can hopefully do so in spirit and Debbie has started the ball rolling already with this one as she cannot come over this year, even though she throughly enjoyed herself last year.

She has recorded her own little message to everyone, wishing us all good luck, on a memory card and posted it to myself. This can then be downloaded onto a cd or dvd on a pc.
If any of you from overseas or this country who cannot come along, would like to do the same then recording onto a memory stick or card is the easiest as I'm sure you all know, DVD's have different regions so will not play over here.
These can then be sent to me and once downloaded onto a cd etc, will then be sent back to you.

Debbie's message is about 15-20 seconds long so please try and keep them fairly short, maybe a minute long. Introduce yourself, say hello to other members or even say something about Robin perhaps if you so wish.
it is hoped these will either be played at Hexwood itself or the barbecue at The Queen's Head in the evening.

If you e mail me any interest then I will give you my address for posting items to.

I hope many of you will join in and hope to hear from you.

Town/City Fareham

Country England

Re: Absent Members

It's a lovely idea and one that I hope people abroad especially will join in with. Who knows, it could be the start of a yearly link up if we get enough interest and responce! If we can work out the trickery of it all and the time zones mayhap we could do it via satellite-trickery!!! Any boffs out there able to help???
Thanks Debbie and Sue

Re: Absent Members

Couldn't help but to interject here. If at the stage where someone has recorded to memory stick, why not simply drag the file into an e-mail? Presumably files will be mp3 or wav files - or if not then easy to convert, so this is the easiest, cheapest and quickest method by miles.

By the way, if posting, the issue of DVD region encoding would be irrelevant anyhow, as one would only be required to drop the file onto disc as data - i.e. no need to 'author' the disc to play in a DVD player; in fact it would only need to be 'ripped' at the other end if one did, which is impractical - but whether that disc is a DVD or CD would not matter, the only issue being the cost of a DVD above that of a CD, the wasted capacity, and whether the person collating the info has a DVD ROM drive. So if posting, I would suggest a CD - but much more sense just to e-mail! If only a few seconds long, the files can't be more than a few KB - particularly if saved as mp3. Even an entire song only averages around 4mb - certainly not worth posting a memory stick all the way from Aus (and presumably all the way back again?) that's for sure!

Tis wondrous this electrickery.

Good luck!


Re: Absent Members

Dear Pertie,
You lost me after the third line!! LOL
As long as the people who would like to do aren't all technophobes like moi!
Seriously though, thankyou for your knowledge about this kind of thing. All help in a worthwhile venture such as this is appreciated.

Re: Absent Members

I hear you Paul....only what I've done is 25mb! Like Carol, I'm a tad challenged and so I've no notion of how to make it smaller and it's too big to email.

I honestly didn't think of burning it to a CD but no matter, I was posting some other things to Sue at the same time so it just got included in that.

Hopefully others will be a lot more clever about it. Thanks for the advice.

Town/City Melbourne

Country Australia

Re: Absent Members

Hi Carol,
Sorry about that! I appreciate that I sound like a techno nerd, but it's all so much easier than it may sound I assure you.

Blimey! That's more than 1mb per second! Something not quite right there.

Anyway, hopefully others will be able to keep the file size down.

Best wishes to you all,