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Dear Robin........RIP

So very sad to have lost Robin, such a genuine, warm and friendly man. My condolences go out to Venetia and family. I am so glad to have met Robin, and regarded him as a friend. Let the wind rise up to meet you.................

Town/City Johannesburg

Country South Africa

Re: Dear Robin........RIP

Sincere condolences for Robin's passing at such a tragically young age. The magic he created for so many will not be forgotten.

Town/City West London

Country UK

Re: Dear Robin........RIP

I have only just logged on to my e-mails, after over a week, and was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of Robin's passing. My four year old daughter, Nicole is a massive Catweazle fan and loves Robin to bits. She even mimics some of the classic scenes he and Geoffrey were in ( especially their first meeting in the barn ). I cannot tell her, until she is older, of the sad news, as it would break her heart. She is at an age now, where she is starting to ask questions about death and heaven. Although I never met Robin, he seemed like a wonderful, genuine human being. We were so much looking forward to meeting him at this year's Catweazle Weekend. We will still be there, and I'm sure Robin will be there in spirit. To Robin's family - please accept our deepest sympathies, from the Thompson family, Belfast, Northern Ireland. R.I.P. my dear friend, you gave me such joy as a kid, and are following suit with my four year old daughter.



Re: Dear Robin........RIP

Dear Albert and Nicole,
Your posting has reminded me of an incident that occurred a few years ago when my own daughter - then only 3 years old - came and sat down beside me whilst I was running the 'The Trickery Lantern'. I watched her face as our heroes acted out their final scene. Her bottom lip began to quiver, and the tears came ... and they came ... . She was completely inconsolable and cried herself to sleep that night.

I recall a feeling of guilt about letting her watch such an emotional departure - closely followed by one of pride at having a daughter that could be so tuned-in at such a tender age. She will be 8 come March and we still enjoy watching it together from time to time - and she has never forgotten that first encounter.

It's fair to say, that Robin's performance is quite clearly outstanding. Catweazle - and in particular that final scene - has always been so much more than just a segment of film from a TV show to so many people. It is a momentary master class in every single aspect of filmmaking, that galvanised its audience and compelled them to completely discard any notion of make-believe, capturing something way deep inside with what can only be described as magic. I think this is why we are all so deeply saddened here.

Peace to you Robin.


Town/City London

Country England

Re: Dear Robin........RIP

Paul you put it so well about that final scene. The acting showed the closeness of them both which carries on in the membership of the club to this day. I met Robin for the first time at last years fete and he said he really was upset as he walked away.It really was magic. Thanks Robin. Thanks for the memories. Dave.

Town/City wallasey

Country england

Re: Dear Robin........RIP

albert and nicole....
i know exactly how u boys are 4,5,and 7, and our five year old,owen, is just understanding about the way of life and realising he wont see robin again this year broke his heart,we all had a cry at the sad news for a few days as did all of the fan club,i guess....
but it is more difficult to explain to children,but all who have left messages of condolence to venetia and their children shows to them just HOW MANY peoples lives he touched and how much he meant to them...RIP ROBIN our wonderful brother in magic....

Town/City essex

Country uk

Re: Dear Robin........RIP

Dear Kevin and Paul Pert,

Many thanks to your lovely replies to my post. The fact that our own children are Catweazle fans, without being coerced into liking it, speaks volumes. It is timeless, and to quote that old cliche again, they don't make programmes like that anymore.

It wasn't just the fantastic acting ( Robin never did get enough credit for his role - he was only fifteen - amazing ), but you could sense their was a genuine bond between Geoffrey and Robin, that went on to last over forty years. The last scene, where Catweazle sinks into the lake and they bid farewell, is even more poignant now than ever. I would'nt be surprised if this is the episode they will show at this year's Catweazle Weekend.

The idea for a plaque on the bench at Home Farm is a fantastic thought, I'm sure the owners of Home Farm would have no objections to this.


Country UK