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Re: The sad loss of Robin

To Robins family, Geoffrey,Carol & Gary and the rest of the fan club members,

Very sad news indeed. Having met Robin at one of our fanclub gatherings at Home farm I feel privileged to have met him. I think that this loss will remind us all how precious time is with our own loved ones.

This sense of loss we all feel will affect us all in different ways. I will always remember in awe and wonder how much pleasure that the young ginger haired Robin gave us on those Sunday tea times all those years ago. I am sure the series creator Richard would have been elated at the time with this casting choice because a partnership like Geoffrey and Robin only occurs once in a millennia!!!

Our heart felt wishes go out to Robin’s family at this sad time and I would like to thank you for the manner in which news about Robin’s health was shared. It can’t have been easy relating back to the fan club during this time. I am sure the fans loss is only a fraction of yours. Robin was truly a great man and a gift to us all.

I do hope that the news does not affect Geoffrey’s health too badly. If he’s reading this we wish you all the best at this sad time and hope that this heart breaking loss is not too hard to bear.

I am sure you will have both shared many many happy times together both during filming and for many years afterwards. Please try to remember those to help you through this sad time.

God Bless you Robin twas magic times we all shared!

From John, (The Mad member No40)Jeannette, Jade & Ryan.

Town/City Hull

The sad loss of Robin

To Venetia and Robin's children

Deepest sympathies to you all on losing such a kind man at such a relatively young age. We all read of everyone praising people once they have died but the few times I met Robin at East Clandon he was truly kind, helpful and humble.
Over Christmas when I learned of his illness I thought that his life was not in any danger now he is under the hospital but life has many shocks and surprises for us.

Obviously the general public only know him for his acting roles but you had the privilege to have lived with him. I sat alongside him when the Catweazle episode was shown inside the marquee. He was so thrilled and amused at seeing himself come into the scenes. Some small comfort to you is that he will always be available to watch again in the first series of the Catweazle DVD.

May time be a great healer. Best wishes in your sadness and grief in the coming year. Bless you all.

John Adams, London

Town/City Grove Park, London

Country England