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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Birthday Robin

Dear Robin ! Best wishes to your birthday today !

We wish you many many happy and healthy birthdays to come and we are all with you and sure you will recover completely.

Sat beside you last year watching The Telling bone-episode at hexwood. You told me you are writing children´s books - I am sure you will write many many more. Keep the faith !

Love and energy from Germany to you!


Town/City Regensburg

Country Germany

Re: Birthday Robin

I'll second that!
Have a wonderful birthday with your family Robin.

Town/City worthing

Country england

Re: Birthday Robin

Yes, have a most happy time, with more birthdays and more stories to come.
Blessed Be.

Town/City Westcliff-on-Sea

Country England

Re: Birthday Robin

Sorry it's a bit late Robin, but I certainly was thinking of you on your birthday and despite everything I hope it was a good one. Hope your health continues to improve.
Lots of love,

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England