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The Mysterious Hand of Castle Saburac !

Whilst watching the first series on dvd for the umpteenth time, something caught my eye that I'd not noticed before. To the eagle-eyed amongst you I'm sure this will be "old hat" but here goes anyway....
7 minutes into "The House of the Sorceror"....Catweazle is climbing into the hatch on top of Castle Saburac and as he is in the process of lowering his legs in, you can see a hand shoot out of the hatch to assist him. (7 mins 7 secs to 9 secs).Its not Carrots hand as this one has a different watch and ring.
Has anyone else noticed this before ? or am I just incredibly sad to pay this much attention when watching things ?!!!
During all my viewings of the first series the only other incident of this sort is of course the infamous "Ring Ring !" from Mrs Woodyard in The Telling Bone........Unless you know otherwise ?
To slightly change the subject...I've recently watched "Cone of Silence" a 1960 British Film which includes Bud Tingwell in a minor role as an Airline Pilot and Geoffrey in a miniscule role as one of the planes flight deck crew. Certainly worth a watch (apart from the obvious reasons) as it is a pretty good little film.....just ignore the somewhat less than convincing take off and landing "plane" special effects.
Also saw Bud Tingwell in an episode of "Adam Adamant Lives !" - The Sweet Smell Of Disaster...shown 14/7/66. He plays a most unpleasant character very convincingly. I always find it quite unnerving when you see someone who you know so well as one of your favourite characters, playing a role so totally out of "character" ! A credit to Bud's acting ability of course.
Right...I'll shut up as you've all probably nodded off by now !
........and...Belated Birthday Wishes to Geoffrey.

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Re: The Mysterious Hand of Castle Saburac !

well spotted! I must admit that I haven't noticed that particular incident. Twas the spirits come to his aid brother!

Re: The Mysterious Hand of Castle Saburac !

well done - I love all that sort of stuff - I hadnt noticed either the hand or the ring ring before - best I can do is a couple of wobbly set moments.

Be good,


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