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Sorry to hear about your illness Robin. Hope you continue to remain positive and get well very soon.
Love to you, Venetia & your family.

Town/City Newcastle

Country UK

Re: Robin

Dear Robin,I can't tell you how sorry I was to hear this sad news, my thoughts are with you,Vanetia and your family,you must stay positive and fight, it was great meeting you and am looking forward to meeting you again at Hexwood in 2010, I hope for a happy healthy new year for you kindest regards Greyweazle.

Re: Robin

cant begin to understand what you and your family are going through right now.. our thoughts and prayers are with you and you must stay positive and fight this terrible illness...was fantastic meeting you at hexwood and hope to again god willing, you made my little boys day when they met you,thankyou freind and brother in magic...tears are welling as iwrite this,so speak soon stay srong and heres praying we meet again dear freind

Re: Robin

Dear Robin
I can only endorse what has already been said, and I'm sure you know that all of us are embracing you and your family in our thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. You'll get through this, I know.
Much love to you all.

Town/City Shipley, West Yorkshire

Country England

Re: Robin

Dear Robin

Likewise as per Wendy's message. We are all behind you, thinking of you and praying for you, Venetia and your family.
Sincerely hoping you find strength from within to face what lies ahead.

Lots of love

Sue x

Town/City Fareham

Country United Kingdom

Re: Robin

Robin, you brought us so much joy, and have lived so many years in
treasured memories. We were so very pleased to be able to meet you at
last, and so glad you came to Hexwood so we all could.

We are so very sorry to hear the news. We will light a candle, as Gary
and Carol have suggested. I hope that knowing you mean so much to so
many, and so many will be thinking of you all, will help support and
sustain you and your family over these next few months. We send our
love, and hope the very best for you and your family as this New Year
Thinking of You.

Re: Robin


words cannot explain what i felt when i heard this
sadly news.
Without you and Geoffrey my childhood wouldn´t be
the same and still today when i am sad i feel better
after watching the Catweazle series!!
We all will send our positive thoughts and emotions
to you and your family!
Please never give up!!


Town/City Darmstadt

Country Germany

Re: Robin

Hi Robin,

We were overjoyed to meet you at the last (Our first) Hexwood gathering and you were so open and friendly. 'Catweazle' has long resonated with me, since I was 13 years old, and you are an essential part of its spell with your great portral of Carrot. Our thoughts are with you, be centred Brother.We expect to see you this year and look forward to that day. With Love, Melvyn and Linda

Town/City Westcliff-on-Sea

Country Essex