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Idea's for the website/newsletter or Fête.

Hi all,

Today I questioned what I wanted to see on the website and I came up with the following:

1. It would be great if we could have a biography from the complete cast on the website.
It is possible to find some bits and pieces from several people on the internet but it would be nice if we could see it all on the website and then specified by person (Geoffrey, Richard, Robin, Elspet etc.)
2. What I am looking for myself (and apparently also a lot of other people as what they told me during the Fête) are photo's from the series. (see AOB)

All other bits:
1. Would it be possible to get a complete overview who was acting in the series? Not only the actors which were in the spotlights but everybody behind the scenes?
2. Is it an option to organize a sort of reunion for ALL the people who acted in the series?
In the last newsletter Gary already mentioned that Terry Mountain would attend the Fête, but there must be much more participants of the series who would love to have a sort of reunion so that they can share their experiences with us (members of the club).
It could become a tradition for them to attend the Fête which would make it even more attractive to the members to come over.
3. The following is not meant in a disrespectful way or to be greedy BUT I can imagine that the people who participated in the series still do have some bits and pieces (memorabilia) from the series at home.
Maybe they would be so kind to donate it to the club so that they could have an auction or sell in on the highest bidder on the internet.
4. In the Netherlands when a movie is made this almost always is done in corporation with at TV Channel. These TV Channels do have a special department which do make all the required attributes. Maybe they still have something in their archive covered by dust. It is worthwhile to ask them if they do want to donate it to the club (for an auction...)
5. Last year Carol ask for some photo's which were made in a Dutch newspaper in 1969. It took me some time to find the newspapers and the photo's but I enjoyed the quest to find the newspapers and photo's.
The professional photographer did put all his photo's in the Dutch Photo museum who guard the rights of these photo's. If you do want to have one, you have to pay approx. 300 euro's and it took us quite some negotiations to get one of the photo's for Geoffrey for a reasonable price.

The point I do want to make is that Geoffrey must have appeared in many many magazines and newspapers especially in the UK. Is there any chance that somebody could try to locate the newspapers and potentially the original photo's?
Maybe we could get hold of the photo's (if possible for free) and digitalize them so that they could be put on the website for download purposes.

During the Fête last year, several member mentioned how difficult is to get hold of photo's from Catweazle and from other members of the cast. When we would have the photo's in High Resolution, every member could download the photo for e.g. a fee of 5 pounds.
In The Netherlands you can upload digital photo's to drugstores so that they make a physical photo or a poster (A3 or A2-size, depending on the resolution of the photo). The cost to make a poster is only a few pounds.
This would be a win-win situation for everybody. The club does make money and the members do have a nice photo or poster from their hero's.

Looking forward to hear your views.

Best regards,