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The Place where fellow Catweazle Fans can get together and discuss anything and everything that is Catweazle or The Catweazle Fan Club and MOST of all make New Friends that have yourself and Catweazle in common, as most of the members know The Catweazle Fan Club was born out of Friendship.

So let`s try and keep the The Catweazle Fan Club in the  tradition it was first Started


Any thread (or answers) containing an Adult Nature (including  links to other Web-Sites)   , Bad Language, Spam or  Items for Sale and that also includes eBay Items will be Removed A.S.A.P.

If the person/persons persist putting the above threads on this Forum a Ban Will Follow.

Let`s keep Catweazle the way it was back in 1970 in a word "Innocent"

The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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reply to cd thingy

Hi I hope this works, I have read all the replies, and agree with most of them, the trouble with running a club, as we have over the years Mini clubs, you do always have the same core of people doing all the work and trying to raise the money, coming up with the ideas etc, that is the nature of the beast , but don't despair, all your ideas are great, but doing something like this everybody is so far apart, there are no monthly meetings and treasure hunts etc to help raise money. Distance is quite a problem, I belong the the pagan federation and we have conferences every year, which are great with different speakers, music quizes all sorts even dress up events. A once yearly event like this incorporating the weekend could be a money earner, but would mean a hell of a lot or organising.
Catweazle is so many things to many different people, I didn't come across it until my teens, in Australia, what we need is tv coverage getting on the box would get a new generation intersted, look at how Merlin has taken off. You are doing a great thing keeping the magic alive, and if we can all do a little in our own way, great things can happen.