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The Place where fellow Catweazle Fans can get together and discuss anything and everything that is Catweazle or The Catweazle Fan Club and MOST of all make New Friends that have yourself and Catweazle in common, as most of the members know The Catweazle Fan Club was born out of Friendship.

So let`s try and keep the The Catweazle Fan Club in the  tradition it was first Started


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Dear Members,
We only have 8 weeks left before we either start or abandon the 50 Club. Gary and I are extremely disappointed with the response so far. We have over 1000 members and have only had 24 members respond to the appeal. The 50 Club was hopefully going to be a way of getting a little more funding to further the member's interests within the club and do more to spread the word about Catweazle and indeed introduce him to a new audience. We do work very hard to keep the club in the position it is now,which is healthier than many modern fan clubs. We think we have given all members a great deal on payment of their membership fee. That is to say, the membership pack,(which costs about £8-£9 to put together) information and contact with all the main stars, chances to meet them for no extra cost, memorabilia which has been exclusively produced by the club for fans and members alike and entry to various locations and now a regular newsletter. It all adds up and we are just asking for our members help to carry on with it. Many members have come to the summer fetes and expressed their great pleasure and thanks, which of course is very well received by us. We are so please to see so many people there enjoying the day with us. We thank you all for that, but we do need help to keep it going.
So please get in touch, we need to know that you are behind us and do support us.
The production of Geoffrey Bayldon reading the Catweazle books is VERY WORTHWHILE and WE want (and will) be VERY PROUD to produce it!! but only with YOUR HELP.
Thankyou to the ones who have dug deep and repeatedly, in your support for the club and its projects. I think you all know who you are because once again you have joined this appeal.

Re: 50 CLUB

I can only reiterate what Carol has said, some of the Members who first joined The Official Catweazle Fan Club may remember Me asking for help with The Official Catweazle Fan Club charity, this was the charity that helped to save My life the kind members of The Official Catweazle Fan Club have raised £1099.57p thus far.
I stopped asking the new members when we got to 600 Members because of the Fan Club needs, I could see at the speed we were growing that the Fan Club would need more and more funding.
From the start of this WONDEROUS Journey Carol and I said together that we would Never put on an annual Membership Fee unlike other Fan Clubs.
The reason behind this was simple Catweazle has always been for life! the Members who have made their way "Down by the Farm at Hexwood" in their 000`s over the years have Never been disappointed with what has been put on or what there is to see.
I fully understand that some Members are to far away to make the trip BUT we have 2 members from AUSS that have joined the 50 Club.
Carol and I and the other members who help to make Hexwood what it is are ALWAYS First to say "Yes" no matter what we think of, we are getting a very Big Fan Club for a TV series that is 40 years old.
If every Member wanted to go to Hexwood Carol and I would make it happen! so just give the 50 Club a thought because every £1 we make goes back in to The Official Catweazle Fan Club YOUR FAN CLUB.
As Carol has mentioned some of the Projects, but we are planning for yet another BRILLIANT June and we will subsidise the cost to You the Members as much as we can as ALWAYS.
Before I go Carol and I fully understand that some Members will be finding it hard to make ends meet because of the recession lets hope it ends quick and the Members who have lost your job`s fine another WITH THE SAME PAY as you had before the Dark times started.

Re: 50 CLUB

Dear Carol and Gary,
You are still doing such a brilliant job and I really don`t know what else can be done to motivate more members to sign up to the 50 CLUB.
I never dreamt of getting a piece of the "Catweazle-tree" ( It was beyond my imagination ). Only this is it worth to donate 1 pound every week!
Thank You for running such a unique fanclub!

Re: 50 CLUB

Many Thanks Jürgen! for your input lets hope that More and More of the Membership follow you lead, without any input then we just don`t know what the Members want or if You have any better ideas as members of The Official Catweazle Fan Club PLEASE Let us know.
Remember this is YOUR Fan Club if you are a Member..

Re: 50 CLUB

Having read these posts I can only agree with everything that Carol,Garry and Jurgen have said, firstly I feel for any members who are a victem of this recession, you must look after your own familys first, we all know that when times are hard donating and supporting any clubs etc get put on the back burner, however I can only speak for myself having joined this club I feel that this is one of the few clubs that realy embraces true magic, I can;t think of any other club that quite gives this feeling, in a word it has transformed my life. As many of you know I often speak to Carol and Garry on the tellingbone because I want to see this club move forward and be there for our children, there is nothing like Catweazle on our TV screens today, and if we all say Oh!! so what this club will sink into decline, please!! please don't let this happen, surely with over 1000 members we can show support, even if you feel that the ideas put forward are not what you would like to see.I think Carol and Garry who work hard all year trying to plan and make the magic of Hexwood happen would love your response even if you said things like no I can't afford it or I don't want that can we have what ever, just give this some thought and speak up this is your club, and Geoffrey has given us all magic lets not loose it.

Re: 50 CLUB

Tis done nettlefaces