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Catweazle ''magic cards''

hya all!...
i was just wondering, i just bought a set of catweazle magic cards from ebay for £2.99!,
is this a bargain?
does anyone know if they are rare?

Re: Catweazle ''magic cards''

Hi Kevin,
Everyone thought so about 7 years ago but the Guy who you bought them from who lives on the South Coast (or he did) says his Dad worked for an Ice Cream company in the 70`s and he brought loads home.
They don`t smell of the 70`s more like Epsom Ink 2009,
or 2005 when I bought mine.
They were selling from £50-£80 at the start but people on eBay soon found-out they are copies, but they are OK for what you paid..

Re: Catweazle ''magic cards''

Hi Kevin,
Have you received the cards yet?



Re: Catweazle ''magic cards''

hya paul and gary....
yes have recieved the cards, and they are in good condition,but you can see from the look of the edges they are genuine,but i took them to a shop in the strand london(the stamp center) and they have said they are the genuine article!.....will bring them to the catweazle event next year for you to view them.
are they valuable?,cos they wanted to buy them from me!
speak soon,salmay dalmay adonay!

Re: Catweazle ''magic cards''

Hi Kevin,
I was going to tell you that it is virtually impossible to fake such things convincingly - and so difficult that it's simply not worth while for a set of cards of this value. The whole inkjet/laser printing process is so different, with the additional difficulty of having to perfect the two-sided printing process required so precisely, plus the 'feel' of the card. I had intended to share a way that you can tell for sure, but it's seldom really necessary, and certainly not in this case.

You have indeed got yourself a bargain, for the simple reason that you have a wonderful old Catweazle collectable for less than the price of a pint - even if not mint. There was a reasonably large surplus stock of these from Lyons, but even so, I have seen them go for up to £25.00 (there are only 16 in the set as you know).

These cards have not been so common on ebay lately, but the irony is that there has never been a time when you could not have bought them, if you know where to go. I have just checked with one source, and located a mint set for £6.00 - 50 pence each, which is a terrific price for such a wonderful piece of '70s nostalgia.

In terms of rarity, the 'Holy Grail' of '70s confectionary for the Catweazle collector has to be the set of bubblegum cards and anything associated with them (i.e. shop counter display box/material etc) all of which I am hoping to share with members in some way next year.

Happy hunting.

Best wishes,


Re: Catweazle ''magic cards''

Good news for you there Kev, well done! Hang on to those for a while.
Looking forward to seeing them next year.

Well done to you as well Pertie for those interesting facts.

S x