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Third Series

If there had been a third series what would have confused Catweazle. Bearing in mind it would have been the 1970s -

Automatic Doors
Bonfire Night
Eclipse of the Sun - Haley's Comet
Football or Cricket Match
Electric Toaster
Any Child's Toy with Batteries

Can you think of anything else?

Re: Third Series

What about mobile tellingbones?

Re: Third Series

Well Malcolm I think he would be fascinated by a mobile tellingbone as talking to the spirits would be a lot easier for him! 70's Disco lights would probably have driven him nuts, I would love to see him on a pair of roller skates. If he like the mouth organ he would have loved The Stylophone I should think. Mayhap a vacuum cleaner would have been a bit confusing as things would "disappear" like magic. Then there are photocopiers, printing machines, microwaves. I think there would have been lots of ammo for a 3rd series, but it was the genius way that Richard drew the story around them that was the real brilliance behind it all. All the stories are so plausible the way he told them.

Re: Third Series

I can imagine someone dressed as Guy Fawkes distributing leaflets for a bonfire party. Catweazle thinks he is a "Brother in Magic" - and is horrified a few hours later to see what he thinks is the same person sitting on a bonfire which is set alight - with children and adults clapping.

Touchwood could easily get sucked up by the Spirits of the Vacuum Demon and Catweazle would have to empty the contents all over the living room in some posh house

He could have a strange conversation with the talking clock or a talking weighing machine. Vending machines obviously have some poor soul trapped inside them to give you tea or coffee (Catweazle would not place the cup in the correct spot and get cross when the drink disappeared through the bottom)

Intercom would also have some interesting possibilities.

Re: Third Series

I think he may have been fascinated, or perhaps I should say terrified, if he heard a rock band or a "heavy metal" group performing - he'd think they were poor souls in torment and being basically a kind-hearted wizard, would drive himself frantic trying to find a spell to soothe the evil spirits and drive them out! He might also have a similar reaction if he gatecrashed one of our orchestra rehearsals - especially in regard to the brass instruments which in his eyes would be evil caves where poor tortured souls were imprisoned. I can see him shouting down the bells of these "brazen vessels" and threatening the players if they did not release their prisoners. He'd probably think the string sections, woodwind and percussion etc. were mocking demons laughing at him for his failed efforts, and sending him into an even worse tantrum! ("Mock me not, thou accursed demons!")Mind you, some of our rehearsals sound a bit like that anyway ...

Re: Third Series

What do you play Wendy? When I was a kid i used to play violin and was asked to audition for the Manchester Youth Orchestra.They must have been desperate is all I can say!!

Re: Third Series

Same here Boggy - I'm a violinist and play with Airedale Symphony Orchestra (based in Leeds). We give four regular concerts in our subscription season, and occasionally another one over and above. We're rehearsing Elgar's First Symphony right now - hard but very rewarding! Also Grieg's Piano Concerto, although we won't probably see the soloist until the week before - or even just on the day itself. We're starting off the concert with a jolly little Rossini overture. There's a lot of hard work and commitment involved, but it's great fun too.

Re: Third Series

Nice one Wendy-keep up the good work. But give me Dvorak and Prokofiev anyday!
But back to the would our hero contend with a Stylophone and a frozen Jubblie??

Re: Third Series

Do share Boggy...thanks to Rolf Harris I know what a Stylophone is but a frozen Jubblie? I don't believe they made it to the Australian shores!

Re: Third Series

Luvverly Jubbly!
Thats how we in London spells it anyways! OOOW they were 4d and very nice too. They froze your lips together or made you wheeze if you were prone to asthma! You can still get them in Tescos but they are much smaller than they used to be.
It's like an ice lolly shaped a bit like a big pyramid, Debbie.

Re: Third Series

You only shared a Jubbly with a good friend - in case they sucked out all the juice and left you with only ice. I liked Spangles too.

Just thinking of Catweazle again - what would he make of a Circus - with the Hall of Mirrors, Bearded Lady, Fire Swallower, Clowns, Performing animals and best of all Trapese Artistes - who could FLY!

Re: Third Series

A-ha! We call them Sunny Boys....I'm with you now. Thanks for that.