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I am sure you would all like to know who the winning toad was! Well is was Number 70 - Lady Letitia Longshanks, trained and entered by Wendy Rhodes. A big congratulations to you (even if you are from up 'tNorth!)Number 16 - The Great Pretender, trained and entered by Sue Duce (from the South) came in a close second. I think he tried to keep up with Letitia, because the old rogue fancied her!
A HUGE THANKYOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART. YOUR SPIRIT, GENEROSITY, HUMOUR AND SUPPORT IS A HUGE BOOST TO US. We hope we will see you all back in the running again next year, when we may even be able to get a stall set up at the finishing line. A race report will be coming to you in the next newsletter this week.


A very close second eh? Well we southerners are no sore losers so very well done Wendy.

I think you are right though Carol, the dirty old toad was definetly trying to keep up with m'lady to try and bag himself a date. He has these delusions of grandeur and a Lady would be a feather in his cap but these days he's just so desperate, he'll follow anything female. No offence there Wendy


Well, in the words of that old curmudgeon Victor Meldrew, I just DON'T BELIEEEEEEEEVE IT! It's a great honour to be the first winner of such an event, and just to have won such a beautiful little trophy means more to me than the cash prize. The whole idea was to gain some good publicity for our beloved Catweazle Club and apart from generating funds, it was a fun event and that's what it's all about - fun, happiness and goodwill. Long may our club flourish - I'm truly proud to be a member. Good on yer, Lady Letitia - never mind the Chateau Margow 59, I'll take you round to the Tipplin' Toad in deepest Bradford, where I know you like a good pint of brown ale on the quiet ... And watch those randy males - they'll all be after you now!! Congratulations to all who took part - at least you bagged the silver medal for the south, Sue!


Congratulations Ladies on your result. It's been good fun n'est pas?Thanks should also go to Carol for organising the whole thing at short notice and for the logistics on the day,after all, it can't have been easy trudging round London on Sunday with a box of toads and a rucksack full of stolen lead. Well done Carol.Once again, you've done the Club proud.


Gary and I cannot do ANYTHING without the support, goodwill, humour, spirit and generosity of our members. With such little time to do this you really have done US proud. I have to also mention the wonderfull members that are not even in this country and therefore do not have the chance to join in in person, who support us so well - you are fantastic. Kevin, Jurgen, Sandra, Elkin, Serge Joerg and Debbie have all joined in and many have signed up for the 50 club. We do hope we will see you all next June. In the meantime Gary will be sending the toad race report to you soon.
Thankyou all


It was brilliant being a part of it Carol and nice that even living so far away I can still participate in the fun. Congratulations Wendy and commiserations Sue for coming oh, so close!


Welldone Wendy, what can I say us southern softies took a thashing, but it wasn't all doom and gloom we still had Sue's toad bringing up the rear, all ready in training for next year MY TOADS WILL BE BACK!! welldone everyone!!


Just for the record, Lady Letitia was one of the two very last toads waiting to be adopted - the other one being Chip 'Oil (and the less said about him, the better, as he has returned to his old ways after his failure on Sunday and is avoiding Giant Hogweed like the plague). I felt sorry for the two "orphans" and decided to give them a sporting chance. Well, at least Lady Letitia showed her gratitude ... I think there's a good chance that she will return next year to defend her title. I think she really fancies a date with James Fortescue-Smythe, and I understand she has booked herself into his Toadal Health and Beauty Spa for a week. Could be the first instalment of "Toad Story" ...


Well done Wendy and Sue ! I had a feeling the trophy was heading North but on this occasion not far enough !

A very worthwhile cause and hopefully it has raised some awareness for the club.

Jeff and Cathy x