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The Official Catweazle Fan Club
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Greetings All & One,
As many of you will know I have been trying a new way of sending-out emails, I must apologise about all that was sent last week and weekend but it had to be done.
My findings have come as a shock in many ways? we have about 150 members who have changed email address and have not let me know? the other is that some of the emails I have sent have gone into some members SPAM folders.
To try and over come the SPAM issue I will be sending out another Test email, the heading will be `Catweazle Fan Club/Test Fingers Crossed` this coming Friday 14/08/2009, if you have set-up your email account to DELETE all SPAM Please could you change your settings so that you Delete any SPAM that goes in to your SPAM Folder.
If the test email goes into your folder Please let your email account Know that my mail is not SPAM then put your settings back could you please make sure that your email account is changed no later than 20.00 hrs GMT.
If you DO NOT receive any email from me by Sunday 16/08/2009 and you think that you have changed your email address without letting me know then PLEASE fill-out a new membership form via The Catweazle Fan Club web-site.
**When filling-out the form PLEASE put your membership number Next to your Name with your New email Address on the line provided** and click send.
I know that this may sound a bit long winded but it will be well worth it when all is in place, each email WILL be sent to each member as a single email NO MORE BULK or Bcc.
But the best part of this new system is that if anything important comes-up I can email you all within 15 minuets, we can also send-out News Letters and have a weekly competitions if we want.
We think that this system can only bring The Catweazle Fan Club Membership more closer and make it feel More and More like the club Catweazle deserves.
Many thanks for taking time to read and take-in everything.


I just want to thank Gary for your very hard work over the last couple of weeks.Whilst most of us have been having fun with the up and coming toad race, Gary has been working night and day (and I mean night and day)to get a system going that will enable members to receive newsletters and updates very quickly and regularly. With people changing their emails and not letting us know, together with changing systems and avoiding spam blockers etc. it has has quite frankly been a nightmare for him to do. It is unfortunate that he has had to send out so many test emails, but this has, I am afraid been unavoidable in getting the system working. It will I am sure prove to be of immense importance to the club and I would have given up defeated after the first round of emails - but I know Gary WON'T be defeated (something to with Lancashire bloody mindeness I suspect!) So thank you members for your patience and a huge thankyou to you Gary for yours aswell!!


I echo that Carol-it's not a job I'd like to do nor could even comtemplate. Cheers Gary.


Yup....that goes for me too.......I wouldn't have a clue how to sort out the new fangled "I.T"-trickery that Gary has been grappling with ! Just thank your lucky stars I'm not running this club as quill and parchment would probably be the order of the day !!
Thanks for all your hard work Gary.
Cheers Doug


I'll give you a hand on the gelatine press if you like, Doug!


Greetings All&One,
Many thanks for your time and support with the new system for the Trickery-Mail, some of you will see with the next mail how fare we have come, but I will need help from some members just one email back to me you will know if your one that needs to send me an email when you receive it.
Never at one time did I say enough is enough (although I did get just the ONE email saying so) the potential of SendBlaster is something The Catweazle Fan Club had to have.
The potential for The Catweazle Fan Club is immense I can be in touch with you all (who have let me have the new address) within 20 minutes at the press of one icon and that`s set at the slowest settings.
But once again Many Many Thanks!!


A Huge thank-you to you Garry, often you are forgotten always busy in the back ground I am sure I speak for all the members that love Catweazle with a passion you deserve a large pat on the back, welldone and cheers mate SALMAY! DALMAY! ADONAY!