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Calendars 2010

With Christmas fast approaching ( I know it's August but it'll come round before you know it ) I have been thinking that perhaps a Catweazle calendar might be a good idea and a way to raise funds for Hexwood 2010. Also perhaps a diary?

With next year being the 40th anniversary of the filming of the second series then perhaps the theme could be a photo of Catweazle with each sign of the zodiac that he finds per appropriate month

There could of course also be one with photos from the first for home one for the office and something for everyone to take along and get signed by Robin, Richard and whoever else goes along next year.

I have approached Carol with the idea but am now throwing it open to other members for their thoughts and also in the hope that maybe one of you can or knows of someone who can perhaps print them quite cheaply?

I'm sure you'd all like one ( or two) wouldn't you????

Re: Calendars 2010

Good one Sue I am up for at least two!!

Re: Calendars 2010

Great idea Sue............I would certainly buy a couple.


Re: Calendars 2010

Being fairly interested in astrology, my mind has now been going into overdrive and thought maybe the weekend could have a zodiac theme.

For following years how about people submitting their own photos that they take each year. I have been sent several by different people ( Debbie, Joerg and Paul) of this years fete and they are brilliant and very good quality that they could be used. The whole calendar thing could then be kept going year after year.

I've logged my thoughts with Carol in an e mail to see what she thinks but if anyone has some ideas along those lines, please let me know

Re: Calendars 2010

I'd be buying, no question, especially if they were photos from 2009 - that would be the perfect way of re-living the whole thing for the whole year.

And as for the zodiac theme....I suggest a table similar to the 'Remember 1969' that has items of a zodiacal nature. Catweazle found the signs in the most unlikely places so I'm sure all of the members could too.

Re: Calendars 2010

We are quite happy to progress with another calendar for 2010. We have done two in the past and will be happy to do another if the support for them is there.
I think a calendar would be cheaper to produce than a diary, but again let us know.
Thankyou all though who have replied and with your suggestions.Please keep it going with your views and more ideas if you have them.

Re: Calendars 2010

A calendar with the zodiac theme is a great idea!
I definitely will buy at least two! I know that my friends Sandra and Elkin are interested in astrology too. So it would be a great gift for christmas!
But if the majority decide on another theme it would be just as well.

Re: Calendars 2010

Well me and Boggy Jr will certainly have two regardless of design.
Kind regards and best wishes to all

Re: Calendars 2010

Count me in as well - I'd buy calendars AND diaries! It might even get some buddies interested in joining our merry band of brothers and sisters in magic as well. Meanwhile, I'll have to rack my brain cell and think of a name or three for these little rubber toads - what a great idea for raising funds. (Ooh, I've thought of a name already ...)