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Hexwood 2010

Hi everyone I expect like me you have just come back down to earth after this years Hexwood, this year was a fantastic event, it took many hours of hard work and planning by many devoted Catweazle fans, you could say a benchmark was set, I myself am busy drawing, ready to do some more paintings during the long dark winter months,for next years Hexwood, obviously with the second series in mind. This new thread will hopefully generate some thoughts and suggestions as to what you would like to see happen for next year or if anything things which you felt could have been done differently, don't be shy lets hear your suggestions love to you all Greyweazle.

Re: Hexwood 2010

Hiya Greyweazle!

In reply to your thoughts, I mentioned something briefly to Carol recently on the tellingbone which I thought might be a possibility for next year, namely having a hot-dog stall (a bit like the fish and chip thing which we did this year). In the "Battle of the Giants" episode (where Lord Collingford and Groome are entering their prize marrows at the village fete) Catweazle sees the words HOT DOGS on the front of the stall and spells them out to himself letter by letter, so I thought maybe we could have a similar stall with H-O-T D-O-G-S over the top, the hyphens representing Catweazle slowly deciphering the words. Perhaps a picture or drawing of Catweazle leaning over the words and speaking them would just round the scene off. Just a thought, but I think it would be nice, especially if we are intending to set something up by the lake at our next event. Although that episode was from series 2, and the lake wasn't featured, I don't think that would matter - and we still have the village fete connection, reminding us of the place where it all started!

Re: Hexwood 2010

Hya Wendy a very good idea maybe I can do a painting of Catweazle with a Hot Dog stand, perhaps we can discuss this further on the tellingbone so I can get your thoughts right, it's only just over 10 months to the next Hexwood, sounds a long time but it will soon come round, not sure how many sleeps that is I am sure someone will work it out, so come on Weazlers get them Pips and Crops working and get CRACKING!!!

Re: Hexwood 2010

Maybe we could have "crop and pips" on sale as well!