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Buz buz buz ...

Hi all,
All this talk of on-screen vehicles has reminded me about some info I came across a while back, so pasting the link for you - more trivia from yours truly.

The focus on the cut scene 520 is interesting. It either ended up on the cutting room floor or was perhaps never even filmed at all. Enjoy.


Re: Buz buz buz ...

Thanks for the pointer, an interesting article. (My wife's late father was a driver for Aldershot & District buses but we don't think that's him!)

I'd completely forgotten those scripts were on the DVD (and the complete Annual too). It would be interesting to read through them and see what else was cut out.


Re: Buz buz buz ...

In terms of PDF material, there's a great deal more on the series 2 set.

All the best,


Re: Buz buz buz ...

Dear all,

I believe a scene was cut from Castle Saburac where Catweazle sticks his hand in a light socket! If you look at the episode, the edit is quite abrupt, so I imagine it probably was shot and edited out later, It's certainly in the book.

Much love


Re: Buz buz buz ...

Yes Si I'd say almost definitely so. We may even find out for sure one day too...