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Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Thanks to everyone involved in sourcing the retro sweet goodie bags.

Full of all the sweets i remember enjoying as a kid including fruit salads, black jacks,chews,sherbert flying saucers and loads more.It's great to see all these still surviving to this day.

I know these were intended to be given out to the little kids on the day but us big kids enjoyed them too. More Please!

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Hey Paul,
Great to meet you - albeit briefly.

We've had a shop standing empty for years in my local main street and over the past few days its been gutted and refurbished. I passed there today and blow me down, it's all fitted out with tall shelves along the back with old brass light fittings with a van outside which says something about 'Olde Sweet Shoppe' - how about that! Cola Cubes, Sherbet Lemons, Kop-Kops, Liquoric Comfits/torpedos, Roobard and Custard... Cor ... we'll have to organise a club outing when it's open.

Take care


Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

These sweet shops seem to be springing up all over the place especially since the demise of Woolworths.

We have 2 opened this year in this small town, one of which is just a few doors away from where I work so it is visited by staff every day.

I took Debbie in last week when she visited and she nearly bought the shop up.

Dentists around here are looking forward to doing a roaring trade

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Funny you say that, because there used to be a Woolies two doors down. I'm really pleased about it as it has a nice 'village' feel about it, and I have the perfect excuse to go in there on a regular basis: my 7 year-old madam!

Take care,


Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Hi Pertie and Sue.I've come on here to try and escape the sadness and shock i feel at Michael Jackson's and Farrah Fawcett's deaths yesterday. I still can't believe it.

Reading your posts cheered me up on what has been a terribly sad day for millions around the world.

I think that since the demise of woolworths and pick n mix that we will see many traditional sweet shops springing back up. In fact in Herne Bay there is a new one just opened with all those wonderful big jars that we all remember.

I fondly remember as a kid going in my local sweet shop and asking for a quarter. Of course nowadays they have to weigh every thing in grams!

My favourites used to be Aniseed Twists,Strawberry Sherbets,Acid Drops,West Indian Limes as well as those you mentioned and when i could afford it i'd ask the shop assistant for a half pound. she used to hate me cos i asked for two ounces of my favourite sweets and she had to pull out and weigh 4 different heavy jars!

Yes Dentists will be doing a brisk trade again but i was lucky and my mother paid for (at the time very expensive) fluoride treatment to my teeth and apart from some chips and a few fillings they are all intact and pretty good!

Lovely to see you Pertie at Hexwood. Next year we'll try and have a longer chat and Sue don't eat all those sweets at once!

Thank You guys for taking my mind off other things and making me laugh. Must be the Magic of Catweazle again.

Right I'm off to get some sweets. All this talk made me crave for them!

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Hi Paul

they have all those you mentioned in our local sweet shop. If you can't get anything let me know. Our shopkeeper will try and get anything you ask for.

A word of warning.....don't get the sugar free ones. I won't go into details

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Sugar-free sweets? God forbid; not sure I see the point of that!

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

I'm with you on that one Pertie but someone at work had these particular ones and they were nice so I thought I'd get some.
Cola Fizz, although they didn't actually taste too much like Cola but boy do they make you fizz.

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

I thought it was only Catweazlw who 'fizzes'! che che che.

Pertie yes definately arrange that sweet shop visit. Me Debbie Sue and yourself we'll clear them out!

Re: Retro Magic Sweet Goodie Bags

Yes Paul, I am definetly up for that one