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Hexwood 40th Anniversary - Thank You's & A Summary For Those Who Couldn't Make It

I've extracted this from Gary's 'Big Pat On The Back' thread as i meant to create a new post.

PopWeazle Paul


I'd like to start by thanking Graham (GreyWeazle) and Carol for their very kind words in relation to the disco in the evening. If you left early you truly did miss something magical as i blended the hits of 1969 (mainly) with the original TV commercials , film soundtracks and news and events of the era. For me it was an honour and a priveledge to be able to give something back to the club and it's members, in return for all the magic you have given me. Definately a career highlight.

To the day itself. Well i honestly didn't think we could better 2008 but we did!

I arrived to set my equipment up to be greeted by Gary (what a pleasure it was to see you again and looking very well i must say) and Graham (Greyweazle) dressed in superb Catweazle robe outfit and whose attention to detail (apart from no tellingbone!) was superb! The wig was great!

Then I stepped inside the marquee for the first time and WOW! I've never seen the Catweazle marquee so beautifully decorated. The highlight for me was Graham's superb collection of Catweazle artwork which depicted memorable scenes from the series on a number of florescently dayglo painted boards.

Absolutely Brilliant!

All around the top end of the marquee next to the signing tables were HUGE blown up black and white images of the stars of the show. To the right was a table with one of Geoffrey's ORIGINAL Catweazle outfits placed on it. (Apparently there were three made)Behind this table was Sue (the Make Up lady) who i never got to meet as she left early. To the left was a table displaying memorabilia from the era. Film posters,toys, sweets,coins,annuals etc......all originals and all bringing back so many wonderful memories. Thank you to whoever compiled this display and collection. To the left of that was the Catweazle Shop full of great goodies including the brand new 40th Anniversary T-shirts and mugs as well as my own personal favourite this year a clear LED pen that changes colour and flashes as well as actually writing. Great for me when taking requests.How cool is that! These are available from Carol via the shop for £2.50 plus P&P.Thanks to Craig, Hazel and others I know not your names for clearing my wallet out again!

To the right of all this was Ian Baker(BoozeWeazle) and his CatweazALE (geddit?) draught beer and drinks table. I downed several pints of this excellent CatweazALE and I can honestly say it's the best ale i've tasted in ages. Well done to Ian for arranging this.Only trouble now is I got withdrawal symptoms and hope i don't have to wait another year before i can taste some again.

Next to Ian was a table displaying members photos THEN and NOW which proved popular during the afternoon and early evening as we queud to await our turn at the top signing table. It was great fun trying to work out who was who and trying to match their current photo to their photo from yesteryear.Did you spot me? Thank you to Carol for compiling this. On the wall of the marquee close to this was a display of Geoffrey's visit to Holland where a whole town turned out back in the early 70's to see him.

In front of the main signing table was a table displaying the special 40th Anniversary Birthday cake guarded by minature Norman knight figurines.
The cake was of course cut by Geoffrey later in the evening and a piece was enjoyed by all present and jolly nice it was too!

Now to the other end of the marquee where myself and my disco show was set up in one corner,nobble a Norman and a electrickery buzzer game (which was popular with the kids and grown up kids) in the other and in the middle was Malcolm (BigScreenWeazle) and his big screen projector showing vintage clips from Original TV series of the time,TV commercials and of course Catweazle episodes as well as a sample from what looks like an excellent NEW SERIES 1 LOCATIONS DVD put together by two members who i failed to meet on the day. What is so great about this is it merges original episode footage with footage shot today so the viewer gets to see how much or how less has changed in 40 years plus the exact positions cameras must have been located and pointing. This looks like a MUST HAVE ITEM for any serious fan and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. Watch the forum for more news and announcements soon together with price and order details and I am only sorry I can't remember you guy's names.

I can't comment on the fete itself as i was busy stuck in or around the marquee all day and night but from what i heard it was well attended and full of all the popular stands as in previous years.

The marquee quickly began filling from 2.15pm and thanks must go to Graham who greeted members on the new 'gate',checking tickets, membership cards and issuing the magic wristbands.

There was certainly much to do and see before the arrival of the guests as members enjoyed the CatweazALE,displays and videos as well as puchasing photos and other goods for the guests to sign later.

Then the stars of our show began to arrive and take their places on the signings table.A huge round of applause greeted them all but especially our wondrous wizard Geoffrey who i am delighted to say looked splendid with his original Adamcos and like all our other guests in very good health.

The signings began and on the Top Table were from right to left Robin,Geoffrey & Friend,Moray & Elspet and Richard Carpenter with his wonderful Annie close by. Richard and Annie it was an absolute delight to meet you and have such an interesting informative chat with you both.Thank You to all our guests for attending and for giving up your precious time to meet your fans.It is much appreciated by all of us.

When it was my turn, I presented Robin & Geoffrey with a unique copy of a CD i had compiled and produced which features original 1969 hits that i would be playing later and Catweazle related background music (Thanks to Paul Pert )to tie in with the whole 40th Anniversary celebrations.
The artwork features Lake Boldermere on the front where Carrot says an emotional goodbye to Catweazle in the final scene and Catweazle's famous tree on the reverse. Both were delighted to receive it and Geoffrey even told me that he has many 'rotating plastics demons' in his home!

Due to the sheer numbers and popularity of this year's event the signings went on a bit later than planned and by 6.15pm people's stomachs were starting to rumble so my announcement that the fish and chip van had arrived was met with a cheer and a large exit of members to the front of Hexwood. Our guests stayed to enjoy some quality fish and chips and optional mushy peas that was well worth the queuing and wait.

With the best fish and chips i've tasted in ages consumed and every one feeling much better, having washed it down with the last few bottles of Carrot Ale and Ian's CatweazALE barrel running low, we all got ready for one of the highlights of the evening. The showing of the classic 'Telling Bone' episode at the place where it was filmed 40 years ago and in the company of it's excellent writer Richard Carpenter,his wife Annie,and it's stars Geoffrey & Robin. What a truly once in a lifetime totally unforgettable moment that was.They all sat together in the middle of the marquee surrounded by their loyal fans. I glanced over several times from where i was stood to witness the expressions on their faces and it was like they were all encapsulated.I know not when or where they last watched themselves on screen but i did ask Robin afterwards 'What was it like to see that again after 40 years?'and he made some remarks to do with his hands and arms and not knowing what to do with them in shots but also how magical it still is. It truly was magic and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank You all so much.

Shortly after the showing of this classic episode the birthday cake was cut and then guests slowly started to depart and then a few speeches and presentations were made.

Then it was my turn to entertain you all and keep the magic flowing into the late evening with sounds,news and jingles from 40 years ago plus a few Catweazle related tunes like Timewarp and Ride On Time.Thank you to all those who decided to stay and enjoy this excellent music well into the night.The highlight was when our very own Carol appeared in an inflatable banana suit and started dancing around the marquee trying desperately not to fall over! I do hope someone took some photos?

Oh any doubts i had previously had about connecting my equipment up to a generator were quickly removed when i saw the size of it! Thanks to the company that supplied it and Carol i recommend you make a note of this so we know what to book again for next year.

It was an honour and priviledge to be asked to do this and for me an unforgettable experience.

Big thanks to Debbie (OzWeazle) and Sue for taking the time and trouble to dress up in fancy dress for the occasion. They both looked really groovy and FAB in their outfits. Well Done! I love you loads Debbie and i'll definately be keeping in touch with you down under. Do have a safe journey back home and try and come back again soon please.

Thanks to all the members who said hello to me either during the day or evening and for all your positive comments. Nice to meet Paul Pert and Exmoor Doug Weazle too. Thanks Perty for the Day Trip tune.
Take Care guys.

To the lady i know not your name who came up to me during the evening and said 'Have you any idea what you are doing to me ....playing all these tunes....i know them all.....each one stirs a memory for me.....good or bad....i am an emotional wreck now because of you! ' I sincerely hope you enjoyed the music and i didn't leave you too emotionally upset?

Such is the power of the music of 1969 I'm afraid and the memories that even at times i felt the heartstrings being pulled a bit.

Special thanks to Malcolm (BigScreenWeazle) and Ian (BoozyWeazle) [who was incidently quite boozy by this time] for your assistance packing away my equipment at 1am Sunday morning. You'd both make excellent roadies and i'd have you guys on the road with me anytime!

Anyway it was a great end to a magical day and i can't wait to do it again. I have already offered my services again to the club for future events and Carol has accepted so now it's down to you members to let us know what you would like to see for next year as the work for Catweazle 2010 starts NOW and we need your ideas and suggestions.

Finally, there were some notable absentees this year in KirkWeazle and Keith (The Boo Hiss Norman Knight) It would have been great to see you guys there and i sincerely hope we see you next year.
Also Simon Wells who was our excellent Questions and Answers session moderator last year. I don't think i saw you this year but it was great to see Mike Hopkins again(our dear friend and guide of Brickendon in 2007),WendyWeazle and all the other great members who i cant remember their names who make our club what it is.

Special mention to Joerg (GermanWeazle NOT Measels !)
all the way from Munich who lost his luggage due to some stupid baggage handlers and had to wear pretty much the same clothes as on his back all weekend.(You still looked and smelt great!) I hope you now have it back.It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and enjoy your company on Sunday. A new friendship has been born and i will come to Germany ASAP. To Debbie (OzWeazle) I'll come see you soon also. To Jurgen & Till it was good to see you both at the lake Sunday. Take Care.

This is why i joined the fanclub to make good friends and share my love of everything Catweazle. None of this would have been possible without the fanclub. Thank You

A final special HUGE thanks to Carol & Gary whose year long efforts,planning and organising of each Catweazle weekend does not go unnoticed or unrewarded. If anyone deserves a trophy for their relentless committment and endless energy it's these two. On behalf of ALL the members i thank you both for creating this most MAGICAL club I am so very proud to be a part of.

Here's to 2010. You both must be so absolutely knackered but i know you will never cease to bring the best out of this club and it's members.God bless you both,and all our members guests and celebrities.May the magic continue forever.

Paul (PopWeazle)

Apologies if i've missed anyone out or forgotten anyone it wasn't intentional.