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Magical Wrist Bands

Everything about this year at Hexwood was an event I will NEVER forget.
But the person who came up with the idea of wrist bands was a Master stroke, we all new who were members and it made it so much easy to talk to people,even the non members were into Catweazle (so please join the Catweazle fan club) and the Magical bands seemed to pull us together as a Fan club.
Please Carol & Gary can we make the wrist bands something we use each year, also it made the signings go more easy I could see that Gary`s eyes were watching out for the bands like a hawk that was one job that took dedication for the members and our Honored Guest in the heat that was in the marquee.
I don`t know all of the names that where in the back ground that MUST have been a huge help to Carol & Gary and the Members for helping to make the day what it was, so a Huge Thank You to everyone.
Thank You Thank You Thank You........

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

Hi John, I am glad you enjoyed the weekend as much as us all. Although I did not manage to get a wristband myself, (I was the DJ and annoucement maker during the day and evening)I agree I thought they were an excellent idea. I am not sure who came up with the idea but it was genius.It made the whole issue of security so much easier. In previous years all manner of non catweazle fan club members have tried and some succeeded in entering the marquee and obtaining signatures and yes hats off to Gary as yes he was checking for wristbands and also making sure the one autograph per guest rule was being enforced to move things along.

The whole idea of the fanclub is to bring like minded members together in a friendly atmosphere where we can discuss and share our love and passion for a classic piece of TV history.I am sure, like me, you made many friends on the day and if like me you are a little shy,undoubtably found that the wristbands assisted you in knowing who to approach.

Thank You to whoever came up with this brilliant idea and i hope it and you John return again next year.

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

It was Gary who came up with the wristbands idea, whilst we were discuss security etc. and indeed it was him who was checking them as people filed past. The members are the ones who make this club, they are the ones that pay for the priveledge of coming along and enjoying the fruits of their membership. So it was felt that they must be visible in some way. This idea was a great success. Poor old Greyweazle and Pete did however spend all day giving them out and preventing non payers entering the marquee. This was a bit unfair on their part, so next year, the idea will still be in place, but we may well send out bands with the tickets, which will speed things up a bit on the day.

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

carol barnes
Poor old Greyweazle and Pete did however spend all day giving them out and preventing non payers entering the marquee.

Yes I think a mention and thanks are in order to GreyWeazle & Pete for the excellent job they did on security all day and for ensuring only members gained access to the marquee. Well Done guys.

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

Totally agree Popweazle, they both done a brilliant job, and not forgetting Sue who I witnessed taking someone in a headlock as they refused to pay ! A word of advice.......don't argue with Sue.

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

Too right Jeff and thanks for that.

I take it you didn't see me hold him up by his ankles and try and shake the money out of his pockets?

It was only when I got £2.64p, a 2 for 1 voucher for Toby Carvery and half packet of Wherthers Originals that I realised it was Robin.

Somebody could have told me........

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

Ha Ha Sue

Absolute Magic!

Re: Magical Wrist Bands

Hi Guys and Gals. Many thanks for your comments-they're appreciated. The wrist band system worked really well and made my life a whole lot easier.I came to recognise faces as members and those who "didn't look like members"-sorry if it sounds derogatory,it wasn't meannt to be. Unfortunately i missed out on what was going on inside for a lot of the day and I felt sorry fr Wee David who got totally bored queueing up for all that time to get his photo signed-but the patience paid off in the end and he was thrilled to bits. I'm more than happy to do it again next year but perhaps there could be a bit of rotation as both Greyweazle and I missed out on what was going on inside the marquee for a lot of the day.
Apolgies go to Greyweazle as although we'd never previously met we'd spent many an hour on the tellingbone beforehand and we never actually got the opportunity to sit down and have a proper natteron the day. Maybe next year eh Greyweazle?.
But Carol and Gary, dear , dear Caro and GARY-how the hell are you going to top it for the next fete?????I know you were both nervous wrecks on the day-I know what it's like to organise something like this and I REALLY don't envy you in the least.Both Wee David and I had ball, although David failed miserably on the tombolla frof alcohol but this year all I ended up with was a tin of lemonade and a Sainsbury's smelly spray, which I did offer to give to a couple of members as I had no use for it but they looked at me a bit gone was only a gesture ladies-I wasn't implying you were smelly-trust me, I'm a Catholic.Well, lapsed Catholc really.Very, very lapsed.
Oh and I had to drive into East Horsley cos the toilets had run out of bog roll. How the suppliers of the toilets expected them to last two days with four bog rolls is beyond me. but the look on the woman's face in Lo-Cost was a treat. 12 bog rolls, 4 kitchen rolls, 2 soap dispensers and a Twix.It was one of those "Why?" looks. Priceless.Carol , you owe me a tenner- but given I danced with you on Saturday night and you were dressed a banana I'll let you off. And there's another thing- I danced. I don't dance-for don't read can't. When I've previously done motorbike rallies, my feet have been known to alternately tap along to the music so for me to actually dance in public is quite remarkable. Probably the influence of Aleweazle's excellent , and modestly priced fare.
The highlight for me? Watching The Tellingbone with both Geofrey and Robin and et al in the same audience. T'was a magical moment, possibly never to be repeated. And forgotten.Sheer magic and very surreal.
Was there a down side? Well the timetable went out the window from the start. It usually does.Despite all the planning of Carol and Gary. things over-run and merge throwing the whole thing out.I'm sure lessons have been learned and will be put in place next year.
They may not go according to plan next year either. Who cares as long as we have just as good a time next year as this this one.Many thanks to all the people that did stuff on the day-bar , games , videoing,dj-ing,lighting etc and anybody else I've not mentioned. Thanks should go to Neil Robertson for allowing us to stay overnight at Hexwood and also for the guided tour of the barn he gave in an impromptu meeting on Saturday evening. Of course our thanks should go to our guests on the day-charming and accessable as ever. And Gary and Carol? Just thank you for being part of the family that you have created.