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Truly a wonderous day !

When Cathy and I began the long journey driving down from Scotland, I'm not sure what we really expected ! We met up with Grayweazle, Joerg, Debbie, and Sue on the Friday as we were staying at the Blue Anchor. Also met Gary and Jan. Grayweazle, being the kind soul that he is, patiently took us round a number of the locations and it was an extraordinary experience filled with a great deal of nostalgia.

I cannot put into words the day of Hexwood and the extremely fond memories that were created for us, I felt 6 years old again. Carol and Gary, you have made a middle aged Scottish bloke very happy and I can't thank you enough for creating such a special fan club and annual event. Also have to thank Geoffrey (a lifelong hero of mine), Robin, Elspet, Moray, Sue, Richard and Annie for being there and making the whole affair something I will cherish for the rest of my days. To watch "The Telling Bone" in the presence of Geoffrey, Robin, Richard, and Annie was totally surreal and an unforgettable experience.

Cathy and I have made some great friends since Friday and we will remain in touch - Graham, Joerg, Sue, and Debbie. Also a shout out to Alan, Tony, and Matthew.

After being at the event, I would urge any members out there who aren't quite sure whether to go or not, quit reading this post, book your tickets for next year (when they are available), and you can thank me later ! Twas a truly magic event Brothers and Sisters........See you next year ! Che Che Che....

God Bless

Jeff and Cathy x

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Glad to see you got home safely. It was absolutely brilliant to meet you both - you made the weekend complete. And I can only repeat what Sue put on an earlier post - that I won't ever view toast the same either!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hi Jeff i too was staying at the Blue Anchor but just on the Saturday. I am so glad you enjoyed the weekend and yes Graham is a very kind soul. My only regret now is that i wasn't there earlier in the week to show you and the others around.Work kept me away.

The Blue Anchor toast and breakfast is becoming quiet legendary. We all certainly enjoyed a hearty breakfast didn't we (not) and yes the endless supply of toast was one of the highlights!

Take Care and hope to see you again next year.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Lovely to meet you and Kathy, truly you are a brother and sister in magic, what a great day we all had looking at the locations, can't wait for the next one, How many sleeps Jeff ???? oh and don't forget better bring your own toaster!!!!!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Greyweazle/ Popweazle,

Thanks for the replies.

Really sorry we missed you Popweazle but only about 360 sleeps until the next Hexwood experience Brother !
Was showing everyone at work my pictures of the event and I'll be honest, I got some crazy looks. Should there be a lapse in time till my next message, please can you send some bail money !

Jeff and Cathweazle x

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

hey it was great meeting you guys too. and to see how much it meant to you. glad you made the effort to come down and i look forward to next time i see you! matthew

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Thank you all for such a good day - very surreal to be sitting watching "The Telling Bone" with Catweazle in front of us and Carrot behind! There we were watching the screen and out of the marquee door were the same barn buildings on the film!

So very pleased and amazed to meet Geoffrey and Robin and Richard and - oooh everyone. Amazing that Geoffrey was there so long! He was the last guest to leave what incredibke stamina, I wasn't disappointed in meeting him like you can be with some of your childhood heroes. He was fantastic. It was my first Catweazle meet and although I was on my own it was ok as everyone was very friendly. Thanks must go to Sue and Debbie, Doug, Sylvia and of course Matthew who helped me through the day.

Can we do it all again?

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Can I please mention 2 people that also did a great job on the day but we have all overlooked so far....Martin and Nicky ( I think that was their names) the magician and his assitant who circulated doing close up magic for everyone and who Debbie and I chatted to at great length and we found them a lovely and interesting couple.

They are getting married on August 22nd and we wish them every happiness and success for the future.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

A big THANK YOU from Germany as well. Carol, Gary, Hazel, Craig, David, Ian and everyone else who made this special anniversary such a pleasant and wonderful day!
It was a great pleasure for every true Catweazle-fan to see and meet Geoffrey, Richard, Annie, Moray, Elspet, Robin and Sue - a dream come true !

be blessed everyone and keep the magic spirit!

Best regards


Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Anne...Glad you enjoyed your first visit to Hexwood. I remember my first visit 3 years ago...I wasn't quite sure what to expect but found everyone so friendly and dare I say, just plain nice!
Sylvia....thanks for putting up with my attempts to commuinicate in German....I was relieved you understood me and even more relieved to find that your English was far far better than my German could ever hope to be. Hope you all had a safe journey back home and enjoyed your day.
I think they should introduce study of Catweazle as part of the junior school curriculum as it could only do good.
I have to say that the "mood" from last weekend has stayed with me and helped let a potentially stressful week at work just waft over my head ! Maybe the incantation Geoffrey made at me with Adamcos during the signing session has worked after all...I was half expecting to turn into a small primate !!!
Regards to all

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hi Jeff and Cathy - it was great to meet you at Hexwood. I can only echo what you say about making the decision to embark on the long journey down to Surrey. I made my first visit in 2006, so now feel I'm quite a "veteran". When I first contacted Carol back then, I remember I said that it was probably too far to travel down from Yorkshire, but that I would be with everyone in spirit. However, I was soon reassured that I would never regret the decision to come, indeed, I would be missing something very magical and special. How right she was! The temptation to come and meet an actor I'd admired for so many years long before he took on the role of Catweazle proved far too strong, and any fears that I would be the only person there who didn't know anyone were allayed as soon as I arrived at Clandon station and was met by a friendly crowd of like-minded Catweazle fans who were as excited as I was! Although I've now attended 4 events, I've never forgotten that magical first occasion and the buzz I got from meeting not only Geoffrey but everyone else too. Something that made it very special for me was the fact that when a few of us were waiting for our honoured guest to arrive, Geoffrey actually said "hello" to me as he went past - we shook hands and I got the opportunity straight away to smile at him and say thank you. I think he was the only guest that year, before we had the pleasure of welcoming all our stars to future events. The miles I travel each year are nothing compared with those travelled by our friends from overseas - certainly nowhere near the 12,000 miles or so undertaken by our "Oz" contingent! So yes - although I inevitably have a clash of dates every year, I know where I'll be when Catweazle has his big annual event!

Meanwhile, let's start the countdown to next year and roll out the magic until then!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !


It really was a special day and I'm sure, God willing, that we will be taking the drive down next year for fun and frollicks ! Still can't help talking about it at work and printed some pictures that I carry about in my case for anybody who wants to hear about the Hexwood adventures !

I bought one of the ceramic Catweazle's and he has proud place on the windowsill of my office at home and I'm looking for some frames for our signed photos.

Can't believe I missed out on the retro sweets though !

Jeff and Cathy x

Re: Truly a wonderous day !


Tell me what sweets you want and I'll send them.

What about a penny mix up?

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Blimey, Sue - you get up early!!!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

I usually am Wendy, but this morning it was too hot to stay in bed.
Not usually on line that early though

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

I totally agree Sue - it's pretty hot and sticky up in Wild West Yorkshire too, although it's been much duller today and a bit cooler. Wouldn't mind a real good downpour to lighten the atmosphere though - so long as I'm indoors! I just remembered also that you said you were knitting some jumpers a while ago - did you get any further with them? If so, I'll relieve you of one - if not more!

Have you come down off the pink cloud yet since Hexwood 2009? I don't think mine will touch base for a while yet ... Roll on Hexwood 2010.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Can you all stop bragging about your hot weather? It's sunny but really, really cold here (Melbourne). Couple that with wild wind and hail last night....I'd gladly swap!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

hi jeff,

i fully agree with your statement.
it was lovely to meet you all at the blue anchor and doing the film location tour with you.

i'm really sad that i had to leave the country where all the magic began 40 years ago.

i'm looking forward to meet you all again next year.

regards from munich/germany, especially to graham, debbie, cathy, jeff, sue, carol and gary.


Re: Truly a wonderous day !

I love all the different weazle names it adds to the magic, welcome Runningweazle already looking forward to 2010 lets see if we can get a gang of weazlers for the location tour next year.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Count me in for the locations tour Greyweazle - haven't done them for the past two years and I'd love to go on another nostalgia trip. Bring it on!!
Cheers, Wendyweazle.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hey Greyweazle
Apparently Carol's christened me Bogweazle due to the toilet roll thing at Hexwood a few weeks ago. Believe me, I've been called much,much worse in my life!!
So hope you all have a brilliant weekend.
Bogweazle and Bogweazle Jr.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

You know what they say Pete " IF THE CAP FITS" it's truly great for us all to have nick names it adds to the magic welcome Bogweazle and to Bogweazle JR, don't forget the bog rolls for next year!!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Next year I'm charging a quid a sheet.And ten bob apiece for a squirt of soap.Ok so I'll not be able to retire on it but I could franchise it out at Glastonbury next year!!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hi Pete

If you are in charge of the portaloos, next year can you make sure there is enough water to wash hands with please?

There was from frantic pumping going on trying to extract some to no avail.

Thankfully we bought along some of that gel. Perhaps that might be the answer, a truck load of antispectic gel.

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

I hired the portaloo via the farm and it cost £120! you would have thought that they could have supplied bog rolls and water!! I am quite disgusted about it, but alas I don't know who to complain too and I do not want to complain via the farm as they have been so good to us. If we have to do it again, I will hire it myself so that I can make enquiries first! Many thanks to Bogweazle for his much needed shopping spree! The shop must have thought he had a touch of Montezuma's Revenge!!
I love the name Bogweazle it sounds very medieval!! haha

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hello Bogweazle (che heh heh - what a noble title)- knight in shining armour to those in desperate need. Glad I availed myself of the 'facilities' at the Queens Head as it meant I didn't have to use the dreaded portaloo on site. I'm always scared stiff of getting locked in and I'd have to be cross-legged before I'd venture in ...

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Moving away for the portaloos!

I’ve just discovered this forum and would like to say what a great day I had. I've been meaning to go for years, and given that I live less than an hour's drive away I've not really had an excuse for not going before. Hearing of people coming from Scotland and Germany makes me feel really guilty.

There is an old saying that you should never meet your heroes. This doesn't apply to Catweazle, everyone was lovely and so friendly. All the celebrities were very amenable and I was thrilled to meet them and get their autographs. Moray was an absolute gent. After a tipoff from Robin, I asked him about his watch and the story he told me was fascinating. I’d just like to apologise to all those behind me in the queue!


Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hey Ian....let's not forget the Australian contingent too!

Re: Truly a wonderous day !

Hey Ian....let's not forget the Australian contingent too!
Wow, sorry Debbie I didn't realise. That must take the record for the longest distance travelled. I came just 45 miles so I feel very guilty that I haven't made the trip before.


Re: Truly a wonderous day !

That's quite alright Ian! And courtesy of the Catweazle Club I did receive the trophy for the person that came the furthest. The fabulous weekend of Hexwood made all the travelling worthwhile though.