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Trafalgar Social Dinner on 13/10/07

“Beating the Retreat”at the 2007 Trafalgar Social Dinner”

Saturday 13 October was the date for the Trafalgar social meal at HMS Nelson. More than fifty members & guests turned up at the WO's, Chiefs & SNCOs Mess to be greeted by our very own treasurer & duty rum bosun, Robbie Cowan who served up the grog & sherry.
Prior to the meal, we were given the nod & proceeded across the block to HMS Nelson gymnasium where we had been invited to see the Band of the Royal Marines “Beating the Retreat”. They gave a brilliant professional performance. The 450 strong audience were captivated & responded with a standing ovation. Following the departure of the band, the director of music spoke bluntly about current budgetary problems & how the Royal Marines have had to battle with government ministers to retain the current bands.
On a lighter note, we all sang a 68th “happy birthday” to Sid, RM retired.
Returning to the mess, the buffet was served & it was nice to greet a few new faces to the ball.
Jack Wheeler even wanted a CD Rom of the 20 commission books which swelled the association coffers by another £10.
Master of Ceremonies Truscott J announced the raffle numbers ably assisted by the rest of his family, Jackie, Natalie & Stacy.
The DJ strutted his stuff & we all put the world to rights.
Here’s to May 2008.