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Re: The Forum

The thing is .... .... you have to introduce a contentious subject to get things going. I would hesitate to suggest anything to a man like yourself.
Have you put Traf Night - 13 October - in your diary? More details under News & Events/Current News.

Re: Re: The Forum

Hi Leigh, the only people who seem to use the forum are you and Denis. I'd like to go to the Trafalgar dinner but not sure if i can make it. Cheers, Alex

Re: The Forum

Alex, how the devil are you? Have you seen Bob lately?

If you're coming to the Trafalgar social in October I'll buy you a mineral water.

Re: Re: The Forum

Hi Denis, i am doing great thanks. Have'nt seen Bob since the AGM, e-mailed him regularly, he's hunky dory as well. Not sure if i will be at the trafalgar dinner though, i'd like to go but have to wait and see. From what i remember of the AGM (very hazy) a mineral water sounds about right. I have been in contact with another bunting tosser that was on the Bulwark at the same time as John, Bob and i, and he was making enquires about joining the assoc. Hopefully he will. Nice to hear from you Denis. Cheeers Alex

Re: Re: Re: The Forum

Hi Denis,
Found Bulwark Station Yet? Looking forward to your report on the GNSR in due course. Might be a while before our train pulls in though. Mark you Alloa is due to restart .... last year, this year, next year. No signals at the moment.