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Bulwark Photographs

I'm contacting you after a phone call with John Truscott last night.I posted an enquiry a couple of days ago abouth these photo's, but have'nt had a reply as yet.I thought John may have had copies as we were mess mates at the time, but no luck, so i thought as assoc. historian you may be able to help.
We were crossing the atlantic in Jan 74 heading for the Dutch Antiles with Dutch marines on board. We hit a hurricane in the area of the Azores and somehow someone managed to take a series of 3/4 photo's during and after the storm. I lost my copies so any light you can shed on the subject would be a great help. Cheer Leigh


Re: Bulwark Photographs

Hi there,
Not guilty I'm afraid. Denis Askham is the Association Historian amongst all his other duties...
Deputy Standard Bearer and so on. So I have forwarded your message to him and I am certain, without doubt, he will be responding to you shortly!
Yours Aye,

Re: Bulwark Photographs

Alex i have three pics of the hurricane taken from flyco, have you got any yet.

Re: Bulwark Photographs

Hi Fred, Sorry about the delay in gettomg back to you, but have been on holiday. No i have'nt found my copies, or been able to get any yet. A copy of yours would be great if it can be done. If there are any expences, let me know.

Cheers, Alex

Re: Bulwark, Albion & Centaur commission books.

hi denis i would like a copy of the cd rom bac who do i make the cheque made payable to