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Only Just Found

I have just found this website ! but to be honest I haven't been looking for things from my past, but my granddaughter had a project at school and asked about my time in the army, so I told her look it up its the S.C.L.I. that should keep her quiet !
I did my training in Shrewsbury in 1964 and went to Berlin I think I was in C company and can remember some faces from the pictures I still have vivid memories of Sargent Major Frost and the Rocking Horses and some very good night out in Berlin.
I ended up with the label 19 as there was two Davies in the platoon me 19 and Davies 24 , and not long after that it changed to Musels and join the Signals platoon ! I could go on but I won't best regards to anyone that remembers any of this I was sad to read that Alan Wheeler had passed away.