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Have diary of WW2 soldier and want to return it to his family.

The diary was found by my dad, a Royal Engineer, Italy WW2. Its been very hard to decipher due to age and handwriting but I now have about 90% of it. Im not certain of the soldiers name, dont have his number and just bits and pieces. the diary was 1944, he was wounded at the Anzio landings and suffered many health problems and hospitalisation. I believe he started in 7th Oxfordshire and Buckingham Light Infantry, may have been with the Buffs (writing is hard to decipher), in November that year he was moved to Royal Engineers as a driver as he was too bad for the infantry, he may have met my dad then. The diary ends in November so I dont know if he survived the war. He got married in 1943 and his wife gave birth to a son in 1944. I have his rifle number but dont suppose that helps. His name was similar to Ralph or Reg Pursey (Pursey may not be exactly correct). I need to get this diary back to his family somehow and would be grateful for some ideas.