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Somerset Light Infantry, Agra 1922

I have recently received some documentation of my grandfather's sevice with the 2nd Battalion Somerset Lights.
His name was Charles Davey, Army number: 5662555.
I have his certificate of service and do know that he served in Palestine from 29.9.19-27.6.20. On the 20.9.21 he was posted to India and remained there until 4.1.26.
He left the army in 1931 and then went on to join the RAF.
I am also in possession of some picturess taken in India of the battalion and a coin.
Would be interested in any information you may hold on my grandfather and any information relating to medals he may have or may not have received.
He was very young when he died (early 40's) so I never knew him.

Kind Regards


Re: Somerset Light Infantry, Agra 1922

Hello I was just wondering how you got his records.. I am looking to find info for my great grand father..
thanks heather