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MY NAME IS HEATHER I LIVE IN SUTTON, ONTARIO CANADA.. I HAVE FOUND OUT MY FATHERS FAMILY ARE FROM OVERSTOWEY, SOMERSET, ENGLAND. I would love help with any info or connecting to other people connected to the ware family.. I have been researching the family and have found the baptisms, marriages and burial at it was real helpfull. Well look forward in chatting about family.. thanks so much..


Hi I have found more info on my ware side of the family. I found out my great grand father HENRY JOHN WARE BORN 1870 overstowey, somerset England he was a PTE in the 13th somerset light inf he is buried in Hamilton, Ontario this is were I found this info he came to Canada in the 1813 he would have been 43 years old. He died in 1948 I was wondering if anyone can help me find any military records for my great grand father. I would love to learn which wars he might have fought in. if there might be a picture of him in his records anything that would help. I hope to hear from someone thanks so much for checking out my message.
Heather from Canada