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Hi I have a lovely next door neighbour named Tom who has asked me to find out what regiment and any information about his late father Hedley vicars Parker born in Hereford 27th December 1893 died 30th June 1975. All I have to go on is an old army picture of Hedley in his blues. I can see his cap badge (though not too clearly, my boyfriend who's currently serving with royal Welsh said the cap badge is very similar in shape) and I think I may be in the right place. I've also seen a group platoon picture on here of an N. Hedley. Not sure if this may be the same man but it looks an awful lot like the picture Tom showed me. There's also another group picture Tom showed me of a group of army lads at 'southwich'. If anybody has any information or advice on how I can help Tom it would be very much appreciated. Thankyou all. :)