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Berets of the light infantry

Good morning,everybody.
I'm putting together a large display of Light Infantry Regiments. At the moment i'm stuck on the colour of berets or head wear.So i thought i would consult the experts, you!
I'm fine with the modern Regiments, plenty of colour photos,but the earlier photos, all black and white. Would you have worn a green beret, similar to today? Would you have worn a rifle green patch behind the badge, and what shape?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
thank you very much for your time,

Re: Berets of the light infantry

Hello Tery from another Terry
As the Regiment known as Light Infantry was not formed until July 1968 the headdress was the Green Beret with the Light Infantry Bugle Cap Badge with the Red Backing,
The Green Beret was not worn until after the war and approximately early 1950,s the Regiments wore that awful shaped Khaki Beret
Hope this helps a little
Terry (the other one)