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Wondering if anyone could help me out... im trying to help my partner out and find some information out on his father who was in the K.S.L.I HEREFORDSHIRE REGIMENT. His name is Fred Davies no1296. if anyone could help me out all would be welcome. thank you,

Re: K.L.S.I

I just came across your post and thought I should comment.

You refer to the K.L.S.I in the Subject line and K.S.L.I HEREFORDSHIRE REGIMENT in the body of your message.

I assume that the K.L.S.I. in the subject line was intended to be K.S.L.I. However K.S.L.I stands for King's Shropshire Light Infantry whereas you have HEREFORDSHIRE REGIMENT. I suspect this confusion explains the absence of any replies to your request. so it would be helpful if you sorted that out even giving the source of your information. Does it come from handed down family reports or is there a document surviving?

You may then find that someone may be able to help.

Best of luck in your search.

Re: K.L.S.I

3/4th Battalion
Formed at Shrewsbury in May 1915. 8 April 1916 : became 4th (Reserve) Bn. Remained in UK until merged with 1st (Reserve) Bn, the Herefordshire Regiment in July 1917.