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Maurice "Winker" Watson

Hi, i was wondering if there is anyone out there that could help me? I am the girlfriend of Maurice "Winker" Watson's son. I was hoping that someone may be able to tell me if there are any pictures of him on here, or if anyone has any that they could scan and e-mail to me?
I would be most greatful if anyone could help, i have also read the comments in the orbituary, i know that those kinds words will mean a lot to his son.
I was only lucky enough to meet Maurice a few times, and he was definatley larger than life but also a lovely man with it.
Many Thanks,
Ruth Perks & c/o Jason Watson

Re: Maurice "Winker" Watson

Hello Ruth. I knew Maurice in Gravesend (around 1967-68). I knew a lot of the Buglers and they were all lovely but Maurice was so nice. I have often wondered what became of the lads and, especially, Maurice. I was so upset to come across this website and to see that he has died.

I have a couple of very small, black and white photos taken of the Buglers in the 60s outside what might be Whitehall or similar. They were given to me by Grantham 'Taffy' Pascoe. I might be able to get them copied if you wish. I recognised quite a few names from the platoon on the websites. In case you are wondering, it was all quite innocent - the 60s passed me by! I used to exercise 4 dogs on the field behind their barrack block and some of the lads used to escape over the wall and chat, and even play footie, with me and my friend...

Please pass my condolences and best wishes to his family. I would love to hear more about his life.

Re: Maurice "Winker" Watson

Hi I was a friend of winkers and of Grantham Pascoe who I would very much like to contact could you pass on to Pascoe this info address 1390 Reynolds road Florida 32130 Tel 3868487815 thank you so much

Re: Maurice "Winker" Watson

Hello Bob. I have just seen your reply. Do we know each other from Gravesend?
I am afraid that I don't have any contact details for Grantham Pascoe (or anyone else) but believe he lives in the St. Austell area of Cornwall. Presumably it would not be too difficult to trace him through the Electoral Roll or social media. I think it is a fairly small town.

I don't live in Cornwall although I may start visiting there in the future because my son has just joined the Royal Navy and his ship is based in Plymouth. I grew up in Gravesend but now live in the wilds of Shropshire. It's bitterly cold here today to I guess that Florida is a better choice!

Let me know if you have any luck tracing him. All the best. Gill

Re: Maurice "Winker" Watson

Hi Gill I don't think we new each other if you send me an address I will send a copy of what photographs of winker I have