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6 Airmobile Brigade vehicle question

Hello gentlemen,

Can anyone throw some light on the types of transport used during the short lifespan of the 6 Airmobile Brigade.

I am attempting to recreate the Brigade as a wargaming project but cannot find much info on the types of transport employed (if any).

Thank you in advance for any help you can give and for serving your country.

Mark Hides

Re: 6 Airmobile Brigade vehicle question

chinnooks, and Pumas were the main Helicopter employed by 6 air mobile, we used ( 1 LI in 1984 )
to be an anti tank bn with ourselves and the Blackwatch , most of the Landrovers moved around and caught up with us after intial deployment, but we did undersling some half ton rovers every company contained a milan platoon.....we were based in munster.....buller barracks

Remembering my pals in A company 1LI who died or were injured at the Ballgalley Roundabout august 88

Re: 6 Airmobile Brigade vehicle question

The other Inf Bn was 1 Gordons in 6 airmobile. Easch rifle section was scaled for a Landrover or two but in 9 platoon C Coy the 3 rd section was Assault Pioneers and had a 1 ton land rover

Re: 6 Airmobile Brigade vehicle question

Hi Mark, I was a driver in b coy,ex anti tanks. The main point was instead of anti tank pl being there to deploy one section,(2x combat 120mm) to protect each rifle coy,we became Milan pl,( double the size of anybody else's Milan pl,)we were then an anti tank battalion,and the rifle coy's main job, was to protect the Milan pl. every rifle section had a one tonne land rover (also known as a forward control land rover)and a trailer. If I remember we were to work with the 27th luftlandebrigade (air landing brigade) of the bundeswher. Hope this helps,regards David Birchall

Re: 6 Airmobile Brigade vehicle question

My name is Alistair Duncan I was The Brigade NBC SNCO (Royal Anglian cap badge)from 1986 to 89. In the HQ we only had a couple of long base land rovers and a 4 tonner to move heavy stuff to catch up with us . the rest of the time we flew on heli.
206 Sqn R Sigs had a load more vehicles of various sizes to move kit in between BGE HQs
If we could not fly we went in staff movers. a saying i found strange as a infantyman. then it was explained to me posh coaches as the staff Officer did not like 4 tonners.

hope this helps if you require more get back to me.