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Arrogance of Noise Monsters

Noise Monsters - you have them living near you, don't you? You know someone who does, I am sure. Insideous beasts who think that Amerika gives them the right to do what they please. To screw the laws - and worse, screw common sense, good manners, and reasonable assumptions about the rights of others. Why do people think they can blast music to levels that disturb others in the middle of the night - or even in the middle of the day. You can't do it in the middle of the day no matter what you may think about it. It isn't even a matter of it happening once in a while - it is an ongoing problem with people. They feel empowered, pathetically, by blasting "their" music, "their" tunes - it creates a wall that surrounds them, gives them a false sense of self - of empowerment. Their bodies pulsate and grow with the thudding stupdity of the endlessly repeated beat. How dare anyone intrude into their womb. Instead of finding a real and actual and substantive way to live, to eradicate their woes, to ACTUALLY empower them, they retreat, like mindless dogs - like selfish children, into and behind their decibal-walls. Or in their cars. Their sanctums - stupid and selfish are words invented for such thugs. Oppose them anyway you can - call the police, badger them, write letters, make sure laws are enforced! Don't hide yourself behind fears of confrontation - that is what these idiots, these noise monsters count on. They are thin-shelled turtles, never fear - but their blasting music, their illegal leaf blowers, their inconsiderate behaviour is not freedom - it is the opposite. Preserve your community and your well being. Fight! Fight! Fight!