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The very real horrors of bill collectors

Got credit card bills? Many do. And the unrelenting horror that this brings is destroying lives, and crushing spirits, and making a few people rich. It is an American horror - and will soon be one of historic proportions. Think I'm kidding? Getting sub-morons calling you even when you HAVE paid your bills? Can't get the illiterate monkey people who man the phones, and man the computers to fix a bill even when it has been paid? Do the people on the other end of the line even speak the same language that you do - no matter what that may be?

What makes people behave so? How on earth can they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? Is it the all mighty $ they receive? Or is it something worse. Something more nightmarish than even the bowels of Sawney's cave of despair - that they enjoy it. That they know no better - or worse still - they do know better and STILL do their job.

Are you one of these? Quite your job - become a real prostitute - that way you will at least be honest and be able to live with yourself. And I am not kidding.

I know a few choice people and institutions that need the grasp of our cannibal pal to straighten them out - in the only way some of these "things" can possibly understand.

Stand up - fight back. Never give an inch - harass them BACK in any way you can.

Re: The very real horrors of bill collectors

Kill them - but don't eat them. They are stupid, stringy and miserable. Ignorant and un-educated. Foolish, and with no hope of a better life or job in the future. They kid themselves that they are not miserable cretins - and then try to convice you that that is your fate. Don't believe them. Destroy their capacity to inflict imagined pain upon you. Worthless beasts who have less value than any living thing that God ever created. Even the beasts who are now extinct - we can only hope and pray that the same fate befalls all who work for such companies - and indeed for all telemarketers and related ilk.