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The very real horrors of bill collectors

Got credit card bills? Many do. And the unrelenting horror that this brings is destroying lives, and crushing spirits, and making a few people rich. It is an American horror - and will soon be one of historic proportions. Think I'm kidding? Getting sub-morons calling you even when you HAVE paid your bills? Can't get the illiterate monkey people who man the phones, and man the computers to fix a bill even when it has been paid? Do the people on the other end of the line even speak the same language that you do - no matter what that may be?

What makes people behave so? How on earth can they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? Is it the all mighty $ they receive? Or is it something worse. Something more nightmarish than even the bowels of Sawney's cave of despair - that they enjoy it. That they know no better - or worse still - they do know better and STILL do their job.

Are you one of these? Quite your job - become a real prostitute - that way you will at least be honest and be able to live with yourself. And I am not kidding.

I know a few choice people and institutions that need the grasp of our cannibal pal to straighten them out - in the only way some of these "things" can possibly understand.

Stand up - fight back. Never give an inch - harass them BACK in any way you can.

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