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Re: Hollywood History

Yes History via Hollywood sucks---the reality is sometimes more horrific than anything they can make up---

Take the movie BATTLE OF THE BULGE---it compresses one of the most critial battle of WW2 into what seems like a few days--they change names of real generals---and they use Korean War era PATTON tanks as both GERMAN and AMERICAN TANKS! It was filmed in Spain, so the snow of the ARDENNES FOREST is missing--it looks like spring for most of the film---

What's even more horrific is another program that I do enjoy if only for the anancronisms--XENA--in her lifetime she's been from Hellenistic Greece--Troy Sparta and Athens---until now she's interacting with Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Caligula---all these historical figures and events from 500 years compressed into 5--not to mention dialog that is totally out of place---but at least the girls look good-----

This is why people are total dummes in terms of history!

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Replying to:

Hollywood loves delving into the past - occasionally they even get (some of) it right. Sometimes even when they get it wrong they tell the tale beautifully. And though not accurate, it conveys the essence of the time and the events.

Other times (MOST of the time actually), they get it terribly, terribly wrong. Embarrassingly so. The Patriot springs to mind. And Braveheart for that matter.

Costumes, attitude, events, people - all often mutated beyond belief - and for no good reason. Sometimes the true events are MUCH more entertaining. What is going through their heads? Nothing much it seems.

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