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Colored Coded Nazies

Okay, this is too much. Anytime you buy a plane ticket from now on (or soon anyway), you will have to give private info to the ticket buyer. This info (including credit history) will be sent to some government agency, who will then, in some manner undisclosed to anyone, determine what kind of a threat we may be to the airline (the airline companies themselves hate this plan, as it is useless and unworkable)! We are then going to be classified with a color (green, yellow, red)! We won't know which of course - and I want to know WHAT info they could possibly gleam could POSSIBLY tell them, or help them to determine, WHAT kind of threat we may or may not be! So, I am late on my credit card payments = Terrorist!?

Be warned, we are living in a dangerous time - we are all being threatened by forces darker than we could possibly have imagined. What's next - pink triangles? Yellow Stars?

Think it can't happen? It has already started.