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California "politics"

Oh in La La Land. Don't let anyone fool you...there was no "ground swelling" of popular resentment that brought about this re-call. Not in the least. Look at the history of it. ONE man - ONE - financed it in order to take advantage of a stupid law and get rid of the gov. Now don't get me wrong, the guys a jerk, untalented, a liar, incompetant...but so is Bush. Where's THAT recall process?

Ah-nold is only running because he knows the rules and that someone can have only 10 or 11% of the vote and WIN! What the **** is THAT? If he ran in a regular election, he couldn't get on the stage. He's an idiot. He admires Nixon above all else. He has stated a single personal opinion as to what he will do to fix the problems in CA. Why not? Because he just doesn't know.

Aren't you TIRED of figure-head politics? Tired of having sock-puppets and card-board cut-outs up there running things...while many, many, many hands pull the strings? Don't we want LEADERS? You can't lead if you don't have informed opinions (not well anyway) can't! All you can do is move your mouth. And God, please stop them from doing that.