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Welcome to The King's Forum.
I hope to see much discussion taking place here. I have set the stage with a few questions although I encourage you to post what ever you wish .

The King
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What are your views on astrology?

Re: Astrology

astrology means your cards are of the devil, you are not God, god doesnt work thur you or your cards.

Re: Astrology

Word...allow me to thank you for your comments first of all. You say that I am not God and God does not work through me or my cards. Honestly you are wrong on both counts. I am and he does. You should join my mailing list so we can discuss these issues through email discussion my friend. Go here and join if you want to get heavy! We can discuss a multitude of topics without having to jump back to the message board. Although the message board is fine...the email discussion is immediate and in your mail box. Here is the link