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Welcome to The King's Forum.
I hope to see much discussion taking place here. I have set the stage with a few questions although I encourage you to post what ever you wish .

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Did George Bush win the election fair and square? Is he truly the president?Is the government behind 911? Are they wagging the dog about Iraq? What are the hidden agendas of the government?

Re: Government

NWO/Jesusland/The eye and the pyramid/

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What exactly is NWO and Jesusland and what is up with the eye and pyramid?

Re: Government

Re: Government

Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

Re: Government

Man cares not who governs him...only that he is governed. He happily accepts the illusion of voting.He really does not care that it is illusion because he knows that he does not follow his vote to ensure it is counted etc. He can watch years of vote fraud ...yet he will cling to his illusion.He will watch years of political rhetoric with the same disappointing results...year after year...yet he will cling to his illusion.He will see his life caving in from the weight of taxes and bills and gas prices and poison food and the patriot act etc. He will watch his children being sent off to die...yet he will continue to talk about voting for the next man that wants to abuse his dumb ass. He knows that nothing will change yet he continues to participate in the grand illusion proudly while secretly hoping that no one is wise enough to see that he is intellectually retarded and spiritually useless.The simple act of punching a card or touching a screen is enough for this non thinking entity to return home a proud fool.He will talk about democrat and republican this **** exists in reality. He will cast a vote for someone who has been given to him. Someone he knows from commercials on television. What fool can vote for someone he does not personally know? They talk as if they have a choice in who rules them. They have not understood how it is no choice to have choices given to them. Hillary...Mcain.....Edwards..yes they will solve my problems. They are superior persons...they have great knowledge and wisdom???? LMAO Ridiculous is the american man and his vote.

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