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I hope to see much discussion taking place here. I have set the stage with a few questions although I encourage you to post what ever you wish .

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I have been out of town, what do you think of george w bush{R} and John Kerry {D} both from the secret society SKULL & BONES. ? who do you vote for in this case.

Re: Skull&Bones

Hi reality ...if both are members in the skull and bones (and they are) then they both have the same mission,goals, agenda or orders. There really isn't much difference in who becomes president because the president is a mere pawn. Nevertheless to answer your question I will say that one must vote for the lesser of two evils.We have seen what GWB has done and certainly will continue to do. Did you know that he tried to cut overtime pay for all Americans? Or that he cut the benefits of soldiers while they are in Iraq fighting and the soldiers who are wounded have to pay for their meals while in the hospital etc..etc..? There is a bumper sticker that I see from time to time that says "Anyone But Bush"...I am inclined to agree.