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Welcome to The King's Forum.
I hope to see much discussion taking place here. I have set the stage with a few questions although I encourage you to post what ever you wish .

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Psychic BEETS ?

I'm Doing a Paper on profeeional Psychic. where did you go to Psychic school. You said you are a man of God, I listern to you music. it doesnt sound like god music, Pimpin aint't easy, and the song OHIO. I want you to know I did a paper on BEETS. Famous for their ability to cleanse the blood. beets contain calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, choline, beta-carotene and vitamin c. beets are high in minerals which strengten the liver and gall bladder. and the building blocks for blood corpuscels and cells. they are high inmanganese which is an important mineral for the brain function. a good source of carotenoids which help in the prevention of types of cancers. Its great your mother in law is better. but when you told her use beets it nothing new. its like your selling snake oil. people ate beets thousand of years. Big hit with the Romans. their is lot of things Dr dont use any more. So dont be a snake oil seller!

Re: Psychic BEETS ?

I am glad that you are keeping up with what I am doing. I am also glad that you give me the opportunity to address the issues that you raise. I must say that...I wish you could post your comments without such negativity. This is a discussion forum. We may discuss but do not be belligerent or aggressive because I do not wish to go there here. Also...there is a discussion list that you may join if so desired. Now as far as your comments are concerned let me say this. I have been in a court of law that gives me the legal right to sell snake oil if that is what it is to you.Personally to me it is obvious that I am dealing with someone here who is incapable of independent thought. Psychic is synonymous with prophet. Do you go to school to learn how to be a prophet? Therefore the question you posed is utterly ridiculous.I will go further and say that school is synonymous with programming and that my friend is your particular situation. As far as my music is concerned. Here you really show no intelligence at all. Another ridiculous and robotic question! Here is your answer: If one wants to break into the music industry today...he must make music that they are playing,selling,pushing etc. It appears you do a lot of papers that nobody reads huh? I never stated that the beets were special or whatever you are trying to say. I only stated what happened. not attempt to belittle what I am doing. You are wasting your time and mine. Get a life.

Re: Psychic BEETS ?

I must say that I was asked to come and check out this site to see the good that someone is doing. I sorry to say that just after reading this message I'm a little dismayed. I'm not trying to attack anything sayed here but I am willing to give my personal observation. King you typed "I must say that...I wish you could post your comments without such negativity." and then go forth to attack that person with "Personally to me it is obvious that I am dealing with someone here who is incapable of independent thought." I may be taking this out of context but I do wish to understand what point you where trying to make.

The post that started this series of descusions may not have been worded the best of way to get the points that that person was making but it is still that person's oppinion, and instead of using cutdowns and maybe there is another course that could be taken to answer the person's question.

If i'm wrong please tell me. But as a common reader that is what i enfered from the statements.

God be with you,

Re: Psychic BEETS ?

Hello Ron...I am glad that you stopped by and left your comments. Please continue to do so. The discussion list is an avenue of discussion I invite you to partake in as well. Okay....The statement that I made was not an attack. It was my personal observation and truth. Although you are correct in that I could have responded in a gentler manner. I will answer you like this....some days...all day long...I am defending myself from people who come to the site simply to disrupt and disturb. For every action there is a reaction. If "word's" comments would have come from a place of intellectual discussion I would not have responded so. The comments came from a place of scorn and ridicule and therefore I felt no obligation to sugar coat my response. As I said earlier Ron...thank you for your comments and I am trying to do some good. Please return often and make this your cyber home. Help me help others. Join our discussion list at
and you can speak freely about anything you desire...whenever you desire. There is much to do at the site...I had it designed so you could begin your day there.Check everything out thoroughly and feel free to use it at will. By the way...your comments came from the place of intellectual discussion. Big difference. Finally....I hope that this will clarify your query and put you at ease and let you know that you are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Psychic BEETS ?

I thank you for responding and answering my question.

I can totally understand what confrentation can do to ones mentality. I wish you Gods Love with what you are trying to do here, and I will return frequently.

It was very nice to meet you.


Re: Psychic BEETS ?

You are welcome Ron. Please do return frequently. It was nice meeting you also.

Re: Psychic BEETS ?

The King's knowledge of eating beets to cure an
uncurable skin disorder is a miracle to me.
NO doctors could do this. The King is impeccable.
Pay attention to the King. He is divine.

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